5 truths that your nutritionist will not tell you about the weight loss!

Outdated nutrition rules are commonplace. See five of those that do not apply, but they are often reproduced.

Compulsion of breakfast, five meals a day, “bad” foods and abundant water are common in weight loss suggestions. But is it always an one-sided diet?

Of course not. See below five truths that you will not hear often from your nutritionist.

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5 foods you should never eat before sleep


For some reason, evening snacks while watching TV are as the consumption of popcorn at cinema. It is known that the metabolic function of the human body is reduced significantly as the day passes -so you understand that what you eat at night will be difficult to be burnt- but there are certain foods that will make this process even more difficult if you want to lose weight.

In fact, there are some foods that if are eaten before bed will cause you insomnia and should know that good sleep is the number one secret to weight loss. If you fail to sleep, the next day the levels of hormones that contribute to your fat burning will be quite reduced-and tired, like you.

You do not have to completely cut your favorite habit! Just avoid these foods and see the results in your body:

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Summer is coming and you attempt to get the body of your dreams, you have decided to try and why not adopt a different nutritional philosophy, that of vegans.

People that follow these eating habits, eat meals without meat or fish, no milk, cheese, eggs and other animal derivatives.

It looks like the perfect opportunity for detoxification and losing excess weight.

But what if this so demanding diet brings the opposite effect and instead of losing weight, you see your body either remain stable or even gain weight?

The experts gives us the following explanations.

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Milk after the age of 20 is unhealthy. Truths and myths about milk!

Whatever is said for milk so many years, it has now been scientifically proven, that are not valid and we are now ready to stop its consumption.

After water, milk was the next thing that our parents advised us to drink when we were kids in order to become strong.  Do you remember them telling you that you are not allowed to get up from the table if you do not drink all your milk? At that time it may seem to you like torture. In fact, your parents was telling it to you because they believed that milk was good for your health and they pressed you to drink it.

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