The Diet which “unblocks” the arteries

When talking about clogged arteries we refer to atherosclerosis, ie bottlenecks caused to arteries due to the accumulation of fatty deposits on them.

This causes the arteries to become narrower than normal, making blood flow difficult and causing heart attacks and strokes.

According to scientists, the constrictions of the arteries can be reversed with proper nutrition.

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What kind of man: He wrote a whole book about their love!

Although the majority of men do nothing more than the necessary for their beloved during the anniversary, the full in love Joe Manganiello did something to his wife, Sofia Vergara, that she would never imagine!

What kind of man-He wrote a whole book about their love-secretfromus.comIn an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine the actor revealed that at their first anniversary with Vergara he decided to write a book and its content was about on how they flirted and all that did together during these 12 months. Continue reading “What kind of man: He wrote a whole book about their love!”

7 signs of high emotional intelligence

Although someone may have excellent performance at school or university, according to scientists, this does not make them also emotionally intelligent.

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What is “phubbing” and how affects the interpersonal relationships?

Surely you have been to an appointment or for coffee with a friend or your partner and the other ignored your continuously by sending sms, uploading photos and reading news on Facebook or talking on the phone.

Such behaviours are described by the term phubbing (phone snubbing). Simply, phubbing is the habit to ignore someone because we pay attention on our mobile.
A new study that published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour comes to point out that the phubbing is developing into a scourge, a serious impact on our daily interpersonal relationships.

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Why he may separates you while he still wants you

You and he just looking at travel destinations for the summer and one day he appears on your doorstep with his head down, doesn’t kiss you, with difficulty he looks at your eyes saying “It is not your fault but mine”

And somewhere you feel shocked and surprised and wondering “Sorry, I was playing in another episode?

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