Feeling the pain you find happiness!

Happiness is perhaps the greatest desire of all people. If you ask people what they want in their lives, they will say that they just want to be happy.

Happiness has always been the most important goal of every person, but most people are unhappy with their lives. You often hear that happiness is the lack of anxiety and sadness, not to afraid of what is going to happen and being secure. But happiness is not just that. It may when you hurt, believe that you will never again be happy. And yet, experiencing pain, you find happiness. Continue reading “Feeling the pain you find happiness!”

5 reasons you should be happy for your mistakes!

We all make mistakes, but how much do we enjoy them? In life you either win or learn to win. Indeed, success rarely teaches you something, but what about the mistakes?

You have many, good reasons to make a mistake today. We summed up the five reasons: Continue reading “5 reasons you should be happy for your mistakes!”

5 psychology techniques to be happy at your work!

Do you want to be happy when you are at your work? If you realize that everything is a matter of psychology, you will be more pleased with the time you spend at work.

Try the following psychology techniques and feel joy! Continue reading “5 psychology techniques to be happy at your work!”

S.ex at the first date? 5 men give the answer!

Your attention

S.ex for some is considered the greatest delight, for some overrated and for some others just part of a process.

One of the most classic problems that we all women are confronted with this process is the timing! In short, after how long should you have s.ex with him for neither he gets bored nor characterizes you badly. Continue reading “S.ex at the first date? 5 men give the answer!”

What happy couples never do!

To be happy a couple needs more than luck.

It takes an honest, conscious, everyday effort to apply the right habits in practice.

A great recent survey has shown the habits that happy couple follow generally.

See them, they are simple but very important. Continue reading “What happy couples never do!”

How to make your puppy happy even when you are away from home!

If there is a mystery, which at some point needs to be cleared up, it’s just that: how would you have your pet happy, even if you are outside. Having a pet is one of the toughest things nowadays as per both space and time. In any case our pets want infinite care and love.

And because we understand that it’s almost impossible to be home all the day, there are some simple solutions that will keep your dog happy while being absent.

Continue reading “How to make your puppy happy even when you are away from home!”

These are the 10 happiest countries in the world for 2017!

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, a survey that evaluates 155 countries on the the happiness levels, the most smiley countries, which make up the top ten for this year, are the following.


Norway has been included in the top ten of the list for many years, but this year its residents have sent it to the top and the reasons are enough. The country has a particular natural landscape, from urban Oslo to the wonderful Preikestolen and Geirangerfjord, while citizens enjoy quality of life at the cost of balancing with income while sharing trust, generosity and control in their lives. On top of that, there is also their trust on the government.

Continue reading “These are the 10 happiest countries in the world for 2017!”

16 simple ways to make someone happy

Get ideas for simple actions that you can integrate into your daily life and make those around you smile and be happy.

Say hello

To say “good morning” we start a good day. For example when we get in a bus we say good morning to the driver and when we get out we thank him and exchange greetings. It may seem simple formality, but definitely we prefer it more than seeing an crabbed face.

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Those who are in relationship are healthier and richer compared to singles!

A series of studies continually show that marriage and long term relationships promote physical and mental health, and … our wallets as well.

Are you single and you feel fine? Science has a doubt on this. Apart from the standard procedure with the wedding and the honeymoon, several studies have revealed a number of benefits that marriage brings to life and, more generally, long-term relationships – provided, of course, that are healthy and satisfactory . A typical example is a study published last week in which a stable, happy relationship increases the chances of survival in patients with cancer.

Let’s see, then, the scientifically proven benefits of marriage and, more generally, a long-term relationship to our body and psychology:

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