The wrong behavior that can destroy even the most healthy relationship!

Nothing is taken for granted regards with relationships. Even in the healthiest. In order to continue, there is a need for a continuous and two-way effort. Although it is statistically proven that most relationships, sooner or later, become memories for the people who lived them, there is an element that leads, even faster, to a relationship in separation. Fortunately, if you find it in yours, you can correct it.

Dr. Darcy Sterling, a relationship consultant in New York, explains that even before a couple starts to fight on issues of trust, communication, morality, and so on, there is a pointer that says – it can predict, with accuracy, the end of your relationship. What is this? Continue reading “The wrong behavior that can destroy even the most healthy relationship!”

3 things you should never say to your children!

Many times when we fight, the intensity that we have  does not allow us to think clearly, so we say things that may really hurt the other. The same happens when a mother has her child malnourished, whether it is small child or a teenager. In such cases, it is very easy for the mother to forget that there are certain accusations that are forbidden for a child to listen and even if the reaction is not immediate, be sure the children hear everything, they remember them and they are deeply wounded.

It is reasonable that the moment of a fight is not appropriate for more thought but according to Psychology Today, there are 3 specific phrases that you should never say to your child. Instead, you can use 3 others that will surely have better results and will not negatively affect your child’s psychology by feeling shame, fear and guilt. Continue reading “3 things you should never say to your children!”