These are the most beautiful villages in Europe! (Photos)

Graphics, small, wonderful villages. Ideal for excursions outside the usual tourist paths.

There are some places where it seems that the time has stopped. Far from the cities, where constant growth is changing the landscape every few years, there are many places where the centuries do not seem to have touched anything.

The most picturesque and beautiful villages in Europe, as we found in the well-known travel magazine “Travel + Leisure”, have some common features. Others are built in amazing locations and their beauty complements that of nature. Others have been well preserved for hundreds of years, and it is worthwhile seeing the houses, squares, temples, and human constructions that have survived the rallying of civilization. Continue reading “These are the most beautiful villages in Europe! (Photos)”

An unknown, colorful, “Gothic” city in the heart of Europe! (Photos)

A city that looks like a dream is Wrocław in Poland, also known as “Polish Venice” with its thousand colors.

This city is Wroclaw, which is located in southwestern Poland and is called “city – gem, sacred flower of Europe”. It is the city that has been characterised as the European Capital of Culture for 2016, but also the UNESCO World Book Capital for the same year.

None of these characterisations are accidental, as it is a dreamy city. Continue reading “An unknown, colorful, “Gothic” city in the heart of Europe! (Photos)”

12 destinations for curious travelers!

There are places on this planet that you may have never think to visit them. There are also some others you want to visit them again and know their other side.

Here are 12 trips for romantic travelers looking for the unknown, the strange, but also the adventurous. Maybe a combination of these at the same time. Continue reading “12 destinations for curious travelers!”

Las Vegas: What to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations!

We hear about Las Vegas, we see it in the cinema and we know that visitors could get in big trouble with casinos, alcohol and the color of money to star in each place. What else, though, you can do in Las Vegas other than to lose (or gain) a fortune?

From the original Ocean’s Eleven of 1960s and Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley until Hangover, the most populous city in the state of Nevada has appeared in numerous films, always showing a flash, which although false, excites tourists from all parts of the earth. Continue reading “Las Vegas: What to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations!”

7 places in the world that you must see before they disappear!

There are some places on the world that will not stay forever waiting for you to visit them and you have to hurry because they will disappear or change so dramatically that they lose their uniqueness. They are natural monuments or created by people that are in danger by environmental pollution, mass tourism or various other factors …

Great Coral Reef, Australia Continue reading “7 places in the world that you must see before they disappear!”

These countries have the best climate in the world! (Photos)

Some people prefer the hot and other the cold weather. Usually, however, the warmer climate is what attracts us most.

Below you will see some of the sunniest countries, but also some other countries that are fortunate enough to enjoy all the 4 seasons, as it should be.

Costa RicaΤhese countries have the best climate! (Photos) -secretfromus.comCosta Rica in Central America is a country with a tropical climate all year round with warm waters in the seas. Any time of year is suitable to visit it, but most dry months from December to April is ideal. Continue reading “These countries have the best climate in the world! (Photos)”

The amazing Santo Domingo!

The large island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean (the second largest after Cuba) is divided politically into two countries, the Dominican Republic (independent State since 1844) to the east, which occupies two-thirds of the island, and in the Republic of Haiti to the west.

Thus, Santo Domingo is the classic island of Caribbean dream of “white sand, coconut and cocktail” although with a coastline of 1,600 km you will not stay disappointed. The “experience Santo Domingo” has a strong history doses and local culture. Continue reading “The amazing Santo Domingo!”

4 countries not easily accessible in the past by the travelers!

A few years ago, in some parts of the world, access was difficult and the travels limited.

Today, fortunately, the borders are more open compared to 50 years ago and conditions (usually) more favorable, allowing us to travel there.

Continue reading “4 countries not easily accessible in the past by the travelers!”

Rotterdam: the innovative and inspirational side of Holland

Amsterdam has its own charms and attractions with green, coffee shops and bicycles. Rotterdam, however, is rich in innovation, inspiration and futuristic architecture, always ready to impress tourists from around the world.

The second largest metropolis of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, is located in the south of the country and is the largest port in Europe and until recently the largest port in the world, on the river Maas Niue. But this is not the only advantage. It is a city with a special high-level architecture, inspired local initiatives, such as surfing channels in the city, with a strong element of Art, with the wealth of leading museums, fine dining and lively nightlife.

The reasons are many to visit Rotterdam and here are some of them. Continue reading “Rotterdam: the innovative and inspirational side of Holland”

10 Best Destinations for Career (Photos)

In some places, instead of unemployment, there are many job positions and career development for many professionals, according to a survey by HSBC Expat Explorer, which published the related ranking for 2017.

The survey, interviewed 27,000 immigrants from 190 countries for how easy it was for them to live, to find work and raise families in places where they are. The results were classified based on career progression, balance in life, work benefits and other factors and these are the results, according to Continue reading “10 Best Destinations for Career (Photos)”