The true story of the student from the midnight express film!

On October 6, 1970, the 22 year old American student Billy Hayes visited Turkey. In Istanbul, however, he was arrested by the Turkish police for possession of 4 kg ha.shish as he was about to leave the country with his girlfriend. Billy is imprisoned for 4 years and 2 months. In 1974, following an appeal, the Court rejected the original four-year sentence and sentenced him to 30 years in prison for his … crime.

Billy’s stay in jail turns into a real hell: terrible scenes of bodily and spiritual torture by sadistic prison guards follow each other, while bribery, violence and paranoia dominate the prison. Continue reading “The true story of the student from the midnight express film!”

She texted to the wrong recipient and married him

Kacey Bergh was on a business trip to the US Denver when she wanted to send a message to a colleague, but accidentally sent it to a fellow from St.Louis, Henry Glendening.

The message said: “Hi, I’m Kacey. It was supposed to meet Maria …, but the flight delayed, so I stayed at the hotel. Do you know someone else by the company to be able to meet in Denver;?» Continue reading “She texted to the wrong recipient and married him”

I have not dated for two years

I always need a true partner in crime of real love. However, for two years I haven’t dated with anyone, purposely.

After a disastrous relationship I decided that it’s time to take care of myself. I knew the mistakes I made in this relationship and knowing these mistakes I don’t like to be myself. For six months I didn’t like the way I lived. Thus react in any way. I drank every night; I didn’t go to my house and dance at clubs every night. But it was for me an approach to freedom. When I realized that this was wrong, I promised myself that to recover from all this I should stop dating for some time and this was what I did! Continue reading “I have not dated for two years”

“My father was hitting me because he thought I was gay!”

Do you consider Arnold Schwarzenegger as … gay? However, his father was thing that, because while most boys in their teens were filling their rooms with posters with sexy women, he had photos of half-naked men and wanted to look like them!

"My father hit me because he thought that I am gay!"- Continue reading ““My father was hitting me because he thought I was gay!””

Women who regretted becoming mothers confess

“Miracle”. This is what usually is said when a woman gives birth to a child. From then several other equally wonderful moments follow in the life of both. The first words, first steps, first day at school and the last at home before leaving for studies.

However, among these really wonderful moments, how many other unpleasant can there be? And it is true that may be few moments in the life of a woman who will think “I wish I had not have a child”? Continue reading “Women who regretted becoming mothers confess”