These are the most beautiful villages in Europe! (Photos)

Graphics, small, wonderful villages. Ideal for excursions outside the usual tourist paths.

There are some places where it seems that the time has stopped. Far from the cities, where constant growth is changing the landscape every few years, there are many places where the centuries do not seem to have touched anything.

The most picturesque and beautiful villages in Europe, as we found in the well-known travel magazine “Travel + Leisure”, have some common features. Others are built in amazing locations and their beauty complements that of nature. Others have been well preserved for hundreds of years, and it is worthwhile seeing the houses, squares, temples, and human constructions that have survived the rallying of civilization. Continue reading “These are the most beautiful villages in Europe! (Photos)”

An unknown, colorful, “Gothic” city in the heart of Europe! (Photos)

A city that looks like a dream is Wrocław in Poland, also known as “Polish Venice” with its thousand colors.

This city is Wroclaw, which is located in southwestern Poland and is called “city – gem, sacred flower of Europe”. It is the city that has been characterised as the European Capital of Culture for 2016, but also the UNESCO World Book Capital for the same year.

None of these characterisations are accidental, as it is a dreamy city. Continue reading “An unknown, colorful, “Gothic” city in the heart of Europe! (Photos)”

Rents for € 50 and a gift of € 2,000 to anyone who moves to this picturesque village in Italy!

The mayor of a isolated village in Italy offers 2,000 euros to anyone who is willing to move there.

Bormida of Liguria was founded in the Middle Ages and had thousands of inhabitants. Today, however, there are fewer than 394 people in the picturesque mountain village, with young people migrating to large urban centers to find work.

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Venice: The most romantic city in the world! (Photos)

It is the legend of the most romantic city in the world, as it is ranked among the top 10 destinations. It is reasonably one of the most popular destinations: a unique rundown of 117 islands that are connected with about 410 bridges – every time you cross a bridge you actually change an island!

The entire historic center of Venice has an area roughly equal to twice the Central Park of New York! Whatever you’ve seen in movies and photos, the experience goes beyond expectations. Here you will see the treasures that have carried the Venetian ships from the East since Marco Polo’s time. Continue reading “Venice: The most romantic city in the world! (Photos)”

Lauterbrunnen: The fairytale village in Swiss Alps! (Photos)

Lauterbrunnen is a village in the Swiss Alps, made out of … a fairy tale. The village has 2,500 inhabitants, of which 20% are foreigners and its name means “many springs” and it is reasonable.

The village is located in the Lauterbrunnen valley, one of the deepest in the Alps, one kilometer wide and includes the villages of Wengen, Mürren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg and Isenfluh. The melting snow feeds the river flowing through the village, creating a unique natural landscape.

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A whole day in Paris in just 2 minutes! (Video)

Paris, a beautiful city, a romantic story, in which protagonist is always love!

A historical and contemporary place. Cinematographic, retro, classic, stylish and stylish. Paris fascinates every visitor and traveler over time, creating countless memories. Every corner in the City of Light could be likened to a postcard. From the multipurpose symbol, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, which hosts world art masterpieces, the Notre Dame de la Cite, a walk on the Champs Elysees, the luxury shopping malls, the Montmartre hill, the Versailles summer palace, the famous Luxembourg Gardens, the Opera House and the Bateaux Mouches boating in the Seine waters, as well as the French gastronomy, this destination fits into every bon viveur.

Watch the following video and enjoy it!

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10 castles in Europe that you should visit!

The truth is that the architects of the Middle Ages were probably geniuses, having built castles that combined luxury and practicality. Many of these are still having withstand wars and abandonment, and some look like they came from an old fairy tale with knights and princesses.

We start our walk at ten favorites, hoping to come across knights and princesses on our way.

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Vienna: the best city in the wold to live in! (Photos)

Vienna won for the eighth year in a row the first place in the annual list of the consulting company Mercer with cities that offer the best quality of life. The last city of this list is Baghdad which continues to be considered as the worst city to live in.

Research of 231 cities helps companies and organizations to calculate fees and living allowances for international executives. The company makes use of many criteria such as political stability, health care, education, crime, recreation and transport. This year’s survey was conducted, according to the company’s website, between September and November 2016.

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Northern Catalonia – France: Pyrenean and Mediterranean corner

Where the foot of the Pyrenees cool off from the Mediterranean Sea and France conversing with Spain, four seaside Diamonds North (French) Catalonia welcome you to their spectacular microcosm.

In the south of France, starting with informal city Perpignan, a narrow coastal road axis running across the rocky coastline Cote Vermeille to reach, after a few tens of exciting kilometers, the northern border of Spain.

Covering most of the Mediterranean coast in the border region of southern France, the winding D 914 is considered by many a miniature version of the famous street in Costiera Amalfitana, Italy.

Determinant in the geomorphology of the area, the Pyrenees Mountains, which at this point France “dip” in the turquoise waters so steep and spectacular.

The natural scenery of the coastal path? Unforgettable. Small sandy beaches, vertical gorges, green valleys, sheltered coves and blue panoramic landscapes are revealed at every turn, while the human presence into this little corner of France is located in elegant spas and sunny traditional settlements. Continue reading “Northern Catalonia – France: Pyrenean and Mediterranean corner”