Find out what is the perfect color for every room of your house!

Can’t you decide which color to put in your living room or kitchen? The good news is that we have the answer for you! We recommend the three best colors for each room in your home.

It is reasonable to feel that the decision as well what color you want to decorate the walls of your rooms is very important. After all, color often determines the overall tone and decor of each space. And it is certain that you would not want to call your home boring. So do not worry every time you see the color chart, please read below. Continue reading “Find out what is the perfect color for every room of your house!”

Small Kitchens with style: Decorating ideas for your kitchen design! (Photos)

If you are bored with classic kitchens with the usual decoration it’s time for renovation!

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas of the house and always needs to be neat, organized and mostly clean!

If you’ve been bored with the usual look in your kitchen, it’s time for change. Put color, wallpaper, strange lighting and furniture and whatever else you want. With imagination you will make your kitchen unrecognizable! Continue reading “Small Kitchens with style: Decorating ideas for your kitchen design! (Photos)”

8 ways to rent your house on Airbnb at high price!

We decided to get away from our regular articles and give you useful tips that you will not find elsewhere! We will deal with ways to attract prospective tenants through AirBnb and show you how to rent your house at a good price!

One way to earn income is to rent our furnished apartment to tourists through the AirBnb platform. An empty unused house can be furnished, decorated and attract many visitors. Continue reading “8 ways to rent your house on Airbnb at high price!”

Cool design ideas: Impressive tables with unusual objects! (Photos)

What is a table? Perhaps the answer is simple: a solid flat surface at a good height where we can leave things on it. Therefore, based on this definition, everything could be turned into a table with only the limit of our imagination.

The big drum

The ethnic drum made by animal leather, the sheep and the bust of the fern are combinded harmoniously and give a special style to your space. The addition of the glass surface was considered necessary, as alternatively every time you touch something, someone would be scared! Continue reading “Cool design ideas: Impressive tables with unusual objects! (Photos)”

This luxury yacht has even a private “beach”! (Photos)

A luxury yacht must have a heliport, swimming pool, well-decorated rooms, etc. This boat has all these and also has a private beach.

This is the new super-luxury vessel hosted by the Norwegian company Hareide Design. The boat has a length of 108 meters, including a bottom-of-floor event room (located at the bottom of the boat), while the back is shaped to resemble a beach. Continue reading “This luxury yacht has even a private “beach”! (Photos)”

How to make your bathroom look bigger!

The bathroom is a special place and its design is a major challenge, both for the users and for the architects and designers. A major problem in designing and decorating the bathroom is of course the small area. Indeed, many apartments due to limited total area have one or more bathrooms with small dimensions.

Several owners decide to renovate a bathroom, especially if it is a small bathroom, in order to improve the functionality and layout of the space. However, even if you do not have the possibility of complete renovation or if you want to avoid the time consuming tasks, such as changing tiles, there are some smart secrets that you can apply to make your bathroom look bigger than it is in fact.

Continue reading “How to make your bathroom look bigger!”

Decorating ideas for small spaces! (Photos)

It is said that “less is more”and this applies also to the decoration.

If you have a small bedroom and you do not know where to put your stuff and how to save space or how to find smart storage tricks, take a look at the following beautiful apartments that we found in a series of design blogs and Pinterest.

Continue reading “Decorating ideas for small spaces! (Photos)”

This is the new summer color that your house needs! (Photos)

In the past, a combination of different colors on the inside house walls was a popular choice and there were always over two shades in every room of the house. There was another colour shade in the living room, another in the kitchen, another in the bedroom and if there was a children’s room was added one more.

Later and as the years passed, things changed and everyone chose a single shade to paint all the home rooms and it was nothing but white. A color that if you ask us, we consider it the best of all, since it brightens the space and makes it even bigger.

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This design is enough to transform your house (Photos)

We have the ultimate trick that will make your house look more beautiful. It will not cost you a lot and will not take much time.

A wallpaper on your bedroom or living room will give the image of the renewal we are looking for. You can choose a tropical wallpaper while in the safest choices we rank the monochrome wallpapers or those with small and discreet details.

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