13 ways to be indispensable at work!

It is true that in the current economic environment, most factors are out of control, but there are many more that we can influence to make our presence essential for the smooth running of each company.

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3 signs that they exploit you at your job!

Do you accept a large workload without asking a lot of questions? If the answer is yes, you may get exploited at your work.

If you have learned how to do even the work of others, surely you are the most useful person among all your colleagues.

If there is a tendency for all of your colleagues to constantly load you with work that they could complete by themselves, then you should look for the 3 signs that will show you how apart from your own hard work you have been the victim of exploitation in your workplace! Continue reading “3 signs that they exploit you at your job!”

5 psychology techniques to be happy at your work!

Do you want to be happy when you are at your work? If you realize that everything is a matter of psychology, you will be more pleased with the time you spend at work.

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14 ways to balance work and family.

No matter how weird sounds, the balance between work and personal life starts from the way we handle the closing of the day.

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Self-promotion: Little secrets to promote your career!

We are all responsible for our professional career. We are somehow the Marketing Directors of ourselves and the promotion of our career is necessary. 

The jobs are few and the good work on its own is not enough. We need to advertise ourselves and face our career as a product that needs promotion and support. How can we do this without showing our self-promotion? By our behavior, our attitude, our views and our insight.

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4 tips to deal with your crazy boss or manager under a crisis!

Research has shown that the majority of managers and executives have personalities characterised by psychosis. For example, a study by the University of British Columbia that examined executives of multinational corporations has found that most managers have high psychopathy scores!

The trap of goodness & the game of power 

Hardness, lack of understanding, excessive self-confidence, lack of guilt, and self-centeredness are only a few of these elements. If the above reminds you, you are also a potential victim of a “crazy” boss.

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Productivity tips from the richest people in the world!

Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates reveal how you can maximize your productivity.

Success and career are those things in life that are not usually awarded and require many hours of hard work. This is something that people who has excelled in their field know well, especially those who have made fortunes of billions.

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What are the 10 things that smart people do not say at work?

There are a few things you just do not want to say to your job. These phrases have a special power: they have a magical ability to make you look bad, even when what you say is really true. The worst is that once you have expressed them, there is no return.

We do not mean something shocking, an inappropriate joke, or some politically incorrect rudeness. These examples are not the only ones that can put you in trouble. Usually there are some gentle comments that make the most damage-those that make us seem incompetent or insecure.

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Traveling around the world and earn $ 10,000 per month.

How many times were we looking at the travel bloggers’ accounts on instagram and wishing to find ourselves in the luxurious 5 star hotel rooms close to beautiful beaches to gaze at breathtaking sunsets and the most spectacular scenery in every corner of the world?

What will you say if a company give you the chance to do it and even offering you a reward like $ 10,000? And yet it is true.

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With these 6 tips you will stop feeling sleepy in the office

To work in the morning is difficult for many people and what everyone hates is undoubtedly waking up. Even though we delay going to bed at night, then the result is: sleepiness in office.

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