Fewer wrinkles without Botox

Fewer wrinkles without botox. A new method that promises a skin, shiny and fuller without the aid or use of botox.

Oxygen facial treatment is the answer for a skin without imperfections. For those that injections are not considered a solution for maintaining your skin’s health and for all of you who have the luxury of choice. Continue reading “Fewer wrinkles without Botox”

Care Tips for Colored Hair

Many women periodically change the color in their hair. At first this change shows very nice and definitely creates you good mood. But what happens when you spend some time and the color begins to become dull and fade?

We’ll try to give you some tips so that you, as much as possible, keep the bright color of your hair. Continue reading “Care Tips for Colored Hair”

Tips for Beautiful Nails

The beautifully manicured and polished nails can easily draw attention, be combined perfectly with a dress even though show your mood.

The choice is difficult because there is a huge range of colours and designs. The truth is that we must take care some small details in our manicure, which in any case can not be considered insignificant. Continue reading “Tips for Beautiful Nails”

Quick Beauty Tips with Effective Results

We are giving you some very quick beauty tips that you should never forget. I think you might find quite useful these Tips. Let’s go then:

-With the facial cream that might stray your hands gently make massage on your cuticles.

-To waxing your eyebrows without hurt, first place an ice cube for a while on them and then you will not feel as intense pain.

-Before using scissors to your lashes a good idea is to have warm it with your hair dryer and the results will last longer. Continue reading “Quick Beauty Tips with Effective Results”

Natural, homemade masks for your hair

Each woman must give great importance to the care of her hair. In this article we will see some very easy and fast simultaneously masks that will offer hydration, vitality and grooming to your hair.

Starting with the simplest, the oil itself do much good to your hair. The same happens with the beer. Continue reading “Natural, homemade masks for your hair”

Impressive Eyelashes Without Mascara

We found three alternative ways that can make our eyelashes look great in just seconds without using mascara!

1.Eyelashes scissors … It brings the desired results in our eyelashes, the only thing that it is needed is to know how to use it properly! Within a few seconds it can give the perfect shape on our eyelashes and make our look attractive. Just one or two uses are enough for each eye, without applying excessive pressure! Continue reading “Impressive Eyelashes Without Mascara”

The best spa at home for tired legs!

When you come back from work at home and you feel your legs more tired than you really are, there is a solution for this! If you want this situation to end and give yourself a few minutes of rest, you can try this homemade spa with milk and almond oil will worship for the results!

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The Trick to Dry Your Polished Nails in just 3 Minutes!(VIDEO)

The Trick to Dry Your Polished Nails in just 3 Minutes!(VIDEO)-http://secretfromus.com/

Do you find 15 minutes too much to wait for your polished nails to get dry? We have the same feeling!….read more



You will need:

1 tablespoon milk powder

1 tablespoon almond oil

hot water Continue reading “The best spa at home for tired legs!”

The Trick to Dry Your Polished Nails in just 3 Minutes!(VIDEO)

Do you find 15 minutes too much to wait for your polished nails to get dry? We have the same feeling!

But how will you dry them and continue your day smoothly and without accidents? A bowl full of ice water is enough! Literally!

Let your manicure dry for 1-2 minutes and then dipped your fingers into the ice water.

The shock of the cold temperature will dry in seconds your polished nails!

Watch the video to understand what we mean! Continue reading “The Trick to Dry Your Polished Nails in just 3 Minutes!(VIDEO)”

The New Makeup Silicone Sponge for your Foundation Cream

Α new beauty item is introduced to the world of makeup and it is called silicone makeup sponge.

It looks like more as an implant for breast augmentation than for a product that will assist you in makeup. Yet the Molly Cosmetics company created this new tool to apply your foundation cream and it is silicone. It has already been sold out four times and the company is trying to satisfy its customers. Continue reading “The New Makeup Silicone Sponge for your Foundation Cream”