Feeling the pain you find happiness!

Happiness is perhaps the greatest desire of all people. If you ask people what they want in their lives, they will say that they just want to be happy.

Happiness has always been the most important goal of every person, but most people are unhappy with their lives. You often hear that happiness is the lack of anxiety and sadness, not to afraid of what is going to happen and being secure. But happiness is not just that. It may when you hurt, believe that you will never again be happy. And yet, experiencing pain, you find happiness. Continue reading “Feeling the pain you find happiness!”

The wrong behavior that can destroy even the most healthy relationship!

Nothing is taken for granted regards with relationships. Even in the healthiest. In order to continue, there is a need for a continuous and two-way effort. Although it is statistically proven that most relationships, sooner or later, become memories for the people who lived them, there is an element that leads, even faster, to a relationship in separation. Fortunately, if you find it in yours, you can correct it.

Dr. Darcy Sterling, a relationship consultant in New York, explains that even before a couple starts to fight on issues of trust, communication, morality, and so on, there is a pointer that says – it can predict, with accuracy, the end of your relationship. What is this? Continue reading “The wrong behavior that can destroy even the most healthy relationship!”

13 ways to be indispensable at work!

It is true that in the current economic environment, most factors are out of control, but there are many more that we can influence to make our presence essential for the smooth running of each company.

Follow these strategies: Continue reading “13 ways to be indispensable at work!”

This color instantly lighten the look and makes your eyes relaxed! (Video)

There are plenty of tested tricks makeup tricks when we want a relaxed face and a bright look. 

And it’s usually the big deal. To look relaxed and fresh. Not to have dark circles and swollen eyes and feel (at least externally) as if we have woken up from a deep sleep. Continue reading “This color instantly lighten the look and makes your eyes relaxed! (Video)”

How to get a tight skin after a diet!

There are many ways to get tight skin after a diet under which you lost enough weight but your skin softened. The same can happen to your skin after pregnancy. Even if you have lost the pounds you wanted and your scales show you the number that satisfies you, your body may still not look nice.

How can you get tight skin and be absolutely happy with the image you see in the mirror? Continue reading “How to get a tight skin after a diet!”

3 things you should never say to your children!

Many times when we fight, the intensity that we have  does not allow us to think clearly, so we say things that may really hurt the other. The same happens when a mother has her child malnourished, whether it is small child or a teenager. In such cases, it is very easy for the mother to forget that there are certain accusations that are forbidden for a child to listen and even if the reaction is not immediate, be sure the children hear everything, they remember them and they are deeply wounded.

It is reasonable that the moment of a fight is not appropriate for more thought but according to Psychology Today, there are 3 specific phrases that you should never say to your child. Instead, you can use 3 others that will surely have better results and will not negatively affect your child’s psychology by feeling shame, fear and guilt. Continue reading “3 things you should never say to your children!”

They are unrecognizable. The stars remove their makeup and they change completely! (Video)

A video that proves that the care of our image is a profession by itself.

Watch this video by “The List” and you will understand the difference, but you will probably find it difficult to understand who is who. Continue reading “They are unrecognizable. The stars remove their makeup and they change completely! (Video)”

The true story of the student from the midnight express film!

On October 6, 1970, the 22 year old American student Billy Hayes visited Turkey. In Istanbul, however, he was arrested by the Turkish police for possession of 4 kg ha.shish as he was about to leave the country with his girlfriend. Billy is imprisoned for 4 years and 2 months. In 1974, following an appeal, the Court rejected the original four-year sentence and sentenced him to 30 years in prison for his … crime.

Billy’s stay in jail turns into a real hell: terrible scenes of bodily and spiritual torture by sadistic prison guards follow each other, while bribery, violence and paranoia dominate the prison. Continue reading “The true story of the student from the midnight express film!”

Find out what is the perfect color for every room of your house!

Can’t you decide which color to put in your living room or kitchen? The good news is that we have the answer for you! We recommend the three best colors for each room in your home.

It is reasonable to feel that the decision as well what color you want to decorate the walls of your rooms is very important. After all, color often determines the overall tone and decor of each space. And it is certain that you would not want to call your home boring. So do not worry every time you see the color chart, please read below. Continue reading “Find out what is the perfect color for every room of your house!”

How to feel full just eating a salad!

When the salad is your main meal, do not afraid of not feeling full.

“Salads are the fear for those who decide to start dieting! Surely at the sound of the word salad, you think something not very tempting and something that will probably not fill you! But there is a way to correct it too.

Choose the right base: Continue reading “How to feel full just eating a salad!”