This color instantly lighten the look and makes your eyes relaxed! (Video)

There are plenty of tested tricks makeup tricks when we want a relaxed face and a bright look. 

And it’s usually the big deal. To look relaxed and fresh. Not to have dark circles and swollen eyes and feel (at least externally) as if we have woken up from a deep sleep.

So, very often we use a concealer under the eyes (sometimes we overlook it), we put a glimpse of the inner corners or a white pencil inside the eye.

These are practices that cover some signs of tiredness, but can they completely trick the eye?

And at this point let us welcome the silver color. The moonlight-like rainbow shadow instantly illuminates the eyes, allowing you to trick the people around you who will believe that you have just woken up from eight hours of sleep.

What the following videos that Short Cuts posted on facebook and see how beautiful look the eyes with a silver color eyeshadow.

Hit the town with a sparkle ✨

Posted by Short Cuts on Friday, March 10, 2017

This is like having racer stripes on your eyes 🏁

Posted by Short Cuts on Thursday, February 2, 2017

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