13 ways to be indispensable at work!

It is true that in the current economic environment, most factors are out of control, but there are many more that we can influence to make our presence essential for the smooth running of each company.

Follow these strategies:

1. “Die Hard”. Your work attitude must indicate that you work hard. Be a mean of stability and security while the rest employees fall apart under the pressure and insecurity of the period.
That’s what the leaders do and make sure you get recognized by employers and colleagues. Optimism is the weapon to keep your struggle even in the most difficult circumstances.

2. Take responsibility for tasks that determine success in the company you work for. Do not just deal with the easy tasks of the day, but with those that matter and determine the success of your employer. In fact, try to manage these tasks as a priority.

3. Develop a skill that no one else in the company has. A foreign language, or a programming language, or even the ability to manage unhappy customers is important. They may not need you in the present position, but they are an investment that will give you a head start in a mutant environment. There are few companies that, due to a crisis or a downturn in the internal market, have changed their orientation to other parts of the world.

13 ways to be indispensable at work!-secretfromus.com

4. Build trust relationships with major customers. Become the trusted consultant and partner of your major customers. No employer wants to upset the partnerships that support and drive his company.

5. Make your manager’s life easier. The more they can count on you, the more necessary you become.

6. Be a team player. The boss’s favor is always important, but what is your picture among colleagues? When colleagues refer to you for help, advice or directions, even when you are not their boss, then this shows your importance for the company.

7. Stay open to change. Be part of the solution and not the problem. Grumbling is a natural reaction, but it is not productive. People who can understand the need for change and support it are the ones on which the company will build to overcome the difficulties and shape the next day. If you can, make the changes that make the difference.

8. Keep your positive mood. Between two equally talented employees, who do you think has a head start? The cyclothymic, or the positive and energetic?

9. Invest in your credibility. In a period of looming loyalty networks, the people whom we can trust are valuable.

13 ways to be indispensable at work!-secretfromus.com

10. Improve your oral and mainly written communication. In a more environmentally-friendly work environment, the employee who manages writing effectively stands out.

11. Show commitment. Your employers want you to know that you care about the success of your job, do it well and you want to take the further step that will determine the survival and success of the company.

12. Be sure to be informed about current technologies. Technology is constantly changing and continually offers new solutions and new working methods. Instead of avoiding it, use it. Your attitude towards technology will give you an asset.

Finally, remember that in fact no one is irreplaceable. Soon your absence will be covered and the business will adjust. The above suggestions, however, will give others the notion of irreplaceable and that is what interests you.

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