Win his heart with 5 steps of self-confidence!

The techniques that will change the way men see you!

Have the man you want in 5 steps! There is a way to become more attractive to a man’s eyes.

Follow the 5 techniques of self-confidence and self-esteem, and automatically see a change in the way men behave.

To win the man that you want …

1. See yourself as how you want others to see you

There are usually three aspects that affect how we feel about ourselves and, therefore, how we show ourselves to others: how we see ourselves, how we think they see us and how they really see us. All that matters is who you really are and how you see yourself. It is imperative that you do not allow the other two faces to affect how you feel about yourself. If you don’t love yourself and don’t appreciate enough to be stronger than other people’s opinion, then external critics will slowly deprive your self-confidence and the positive view of yourself – and that’s what ultimately repels rather than attracts others.

2. Creat your own Ads

The media bombard us with images that confuse us: perfect body, products that promise to make us thinner, happier and sexy. When we hear and absorb all these messages, we can influence the opinion we have of ourselves or even our behavior. If you feel really good about who you are, you will show up your self-confidence that fascinates others. If you feel unsafe, the action will be negative and repulsive to your prospective relationships.

3. Stop fighting the loneliness

We spend so much time and energy trying to prevent loneliness and struggling against the frustration caused by being singles. These aggressive thoughts form a pattern in our minds. Neuroscientists have shown that thoughts actually generate moods and energies. If your thoughts are negative, your energy will be decreased. Stop opposing loneliness and adopt a positive attitude.

Win his heart with 5 steps of self-confidence!-secretfromus.com4. Create an Image with Your Happy Self

Imagine yourself in a perfect relationship and situation. Bring this picture to your mind every day if you can. It’s not fantasy. It is the creation of an image of yourself that the brain will at one time consider real. Scientists have proven that the same part of the brain is activated when you do something and when you think you are doing it. By creating this image of yourself with someone unconsciously and gradually you become this person.

5. Set up an intention, not a goal

The intention resembles the goal, but without the doubts about its achievement. Another difference is that the intention is stated as if it already happened. So, your intention to have the perfect relationship may be: “It’s a nice and complete relationship with a man I love and at the same time I respect.” Your intention must relate to something you want for yourself and not by trying to manipulate someone else’s energy in your own direction. When you create an intention, keep your energy personal, positive and past.

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