How to feel full just eating a salad!

When the salad is your main meal, do not afraid of not feeling full.

“Salads are the fear for those who decide to start dieting! Surely at the sound of the word salad, you think something not very tempting and something that will probably not fill you! But there is a way to correct it too.

Choose the right base:

The first thing you need to do is to prefer vegetables with lots of fiber. Ideal choices are green leafy vegetables and even those that are harder, such as rocket, spinach and kale. A good solution is cabbage. You can of course add to them any vegetable you taste delicious, while a good solution is the combination of raw with grilled vegetables.

Attention to dressing:

It is advisable to avoid packed sausages because they often contain sugars, which disturb the sugar and make you hunger more directly. The right choice is olive oil or a little avocado. In these you can add mustard, vinegar (attention to the balsamic which is creamy and maybe it has sugar too), lemon, herbs, etc. Not putting any fat at all is just as wrong, since fat is what will help saturation .

How to feel full just eating a salad!-secretfromus.comThe other ingredients:

Protein is the first and foremost (and probably all you need) to be healthy. Choose lean protein such as chicken, egg or some lean cheese.

You can consume some vegetable protein, such as legumes or quinoa.
In this case, however, you should not add carbohydrates as long as you have already used them.

If you put the lean animal protein you want carbohydrates, it is best not to use simple, but complex ones. For example, a whole-wheat breadcrumb or a few croutons.

“Alternatively and for better results in a diet, put a fruit eg strawberries or a few raisins! And better tasting results will have more fiber for saturation and better sugar in your body”

How to feel full just eating a salad!

Reduce the speed you eat:

As it applies to all meals, it is good to chew your food well enough to give the body the chance to activate the processes of satiety

The liquid that you drink also plays is important:

It is good before a light meal like a salad to drink a glass of water. However, during lunch, do not overdo it with light refreshments because, as the research shows, you may have the opposite effects (half or a glass is no problem, we are talking about overconsumption).

How to feel full just eating a salad!

Finally, try a glass of green tea that will boost your burning fat and keep you even more full.

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