5 reasons you should be happy for your mistakes!

We all make mistakes, but how much do we enjoy them? In life you either win or learn to win. Indeed, success rarely teaches you something, but what about the mistakes?

You have many, good reasons to make a mistake today. We summed up the five reasons:

1. Mistakes are the best teachers

Think about everything you’ve learned so far. To be honest, the bigger lessons we got from our biggest mistakes.

2. Mistakes mean action

Mistakes are caused by action. If you made a mistake it means you took action. If you sit on your couch, eat chips and watch television, obviously, you will not particularly care about the mistakes you make, because you don’t make any mistake.
No mistakes = you are in your comfort zone (and this is not for good)

3. Mistakes make you smart!

We do not say it, but science. According to an article in the Association for Psychological Science, “For those who think intelligence grows through the effort, mistakes are considered opportunities to learn and improve.”

4. Mistakes make you interesting

Think of your life as a biography. Will you play safe or bold? Your mistakes do not have to be dramatic. But when you grow up, what would you prefer…to narrate juicy stories or say the same … and the same?

5. Mistakes create compassion

Mistakes. We all make. The next time, your friend or customer is more likely to be more polite with you. Besides, all of us are human.

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