Tips to limit negativity in your life and become a more positive person!

We often judge people too quickly or very subjectively. What we say to ourselves about others, what we think we know is often far from the truth.

1. We have to stop telling ourselves that the happier people are the ones who smile the most. Behind the smiles may be loneliness. We can’t always see the pain of the people, but they can always feel our goodness.

2. We must stop telling ourselves that the people we love are or must be perfect. When we wait for perfection, we tend to overlook the human nature of others. And the truth is, no one is perfect. And the mistake is also part of the human nature.

3. We have to stop telling ourselves that people who do things differently are wrong. Everybody takes different paths in their lives and seeks satisfaction, joy and success. Just because someone is not on our way, does not mean it is on the wrong path. We must stop saying that the people who disagree with us do not deserve our kindness. The exact opposite is true. The way we treat people who disagree shows what we have learned about love, compassion and humility.

4. We must stop saying that we can’t trust the people we do not know. Some want to create too many walls in their life and not enough bridges. Do not be one of them. Open yourself. Let people show, gradually over time, who they are. Do not reject them before you know them.

5. We have to stop telling ourselves that due to the other people we are unhappy, unsuccessful, etc. We may be able to control all the things people say and do to us, but we can decide not to rely our lives on them. We can choose to forgive or we can choose to forget. We can choose to stay or leave. We can choose what helps us to evolve. There is always our choice.

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