These are the most beautiful villages in Europe! (Photos)

Graphics, small, wonderful villages. Ideal for excursions outside the usual tourist paths.

There are some places where it seems that the time has stopped. Far from the cities, where constant growth is changing the landscape every few years, there are many places where the centuries do not seem to have touched anything.

The most picturesque and beautiful villages in Europe, as we found in the well-known travel magazine “Travel + Leisure”, have some common features. Others are built in amazing locations and their beauty complements that of nature. Others have been well preserved for hundreds of years, and it is worthwhile seeing the houses, squares, temples, and human constructions that have survived the rallying of civilization.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!


Just 100 km from Genoa, it has been splendidly escaped by the crowds of tourists flooding Vernazas and Portofino. Painted in pastel-colored houses descend from the almost vertical rocks to the edge of the sea in a natural bay.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comBIBURY, ENGLAND

The whole area of Cotswold – about 100 km west of London – is characterized as “exceptional natural beauty” and one of its most beautiful villages is Bibury. The ancient stone houses, the river with trout and Arlington Street with its 17th-century cottages. The visitor will take an unforgettable trip to the time.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comHALLSTATT, AUSTRIA

Between the shores of Lake Hallstätter and at the foot of the Austrian Alps, this village is like having come out of fairy tales and is given the nickname “Pearl of Austria”. The entire settlement is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comFOLEGANDROS, GREECE

It has white and blue in masterful combinations, Cycladic houses with flowered courtyards, hospitable people and unique beaches, making up one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have in the Aegean.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comCOLMAR, FRANCE

Alsace has always had a mix of French and German traditions, and in this village, a breath away from the border and very close to Mielus, one can easily find croissants or kugelhopf, foie gras or sauerkraut. Similarly in its architecture the Gothic style coexist with the French neo-baroque.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comREINE, NORWAY

Few places above the arctic cycle are more beautiful than this fishing village that gets from the sea and its colorful houses are reflected in the calm waters in the summer and in the clear ice in the winter. Visitors are hiding in huts that housed their fishermen and boats in the past and are the perfect spot to watch, depending on the season, the midnight sun or the North Lights.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comTELC, CZECH REPUBLIC

This small town, 150 km south of Prague, has experienced its greatest prosperity at the time of the Renaissance, and so every corner of it exudes an atmosphere of that era. In addition, it is surrounded by three small lakes that give an idyllic atmosphere every season.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comGRUYÈRES, SWITZERLAND

Everything that most people know about this small village is the place where the world-famous ginger comes from. But the beauty that has nestled here on the banks of the River Saane, 50 km outside Lausanne, is almost unreal and is crowned by the famous 13th century castle at the foot of the Alps.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comBLED, SLOVENIA

50 km from the capital Ljubljana lies a beautiful alpine lake, in the middle of which there is an island with a small baroque church. On the slope dominates a castle of the 17th century.

These are the most beautiful villages in Europe!-secretfromus.comALBARRACÍN, SPAIN

In the mountains of Aragon, about 300 km from Madrid, a piece of medieval Spain has been preserved. Castles, outbuildings, rock houses, chapels and churches, the well-known amalgam of European and Islamic art. With a history of nearly a thousand years, the city was declared an entire national monument in 1961.

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