Should you eat before or after a workout? What to eat!

We did not know for sure whether we should eat before or after our exercise and if so how long before.

We found the answer and it is positive. You have to eat before the gym and it is also quite important, since what you eat is somewhat like a “fuel” for the body. What you have eaten before is used to produce energy and ensures that you are able to prepare yourself for workout.

For what you have to eat, you have two choices, depending on your preferences and the time of your training. This can be either a full meal or a smaller snack. With regard to the nutrients what you need is just one: carbohydrates.

“Carbohydrates are most important before exercise, along with hydration,” says Lindsay Langford, a sports dietitian who works with Olympic athletes. “These nutrients are vital to adequate energy prevention and injury prevention”.

Langford also states that ideal pre-workout snacks include combinations that are mainly carbohydrate with a little protein, such as fresh nuts, banana peanut butter, or a piece of cheese with few cookies. As for the time to eat, you have to do the following.

If you are going to have a full meal before your workout, it should be two to three hours in advance to avoid any discomfort in the stomach. If you prefer a snack, do it from one hour to 30 minutes before. These are the timeframes in which digestion can take place.

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