How many times a day you should wash your face!

The cleansing of the skin needs to be upgraded and systemized on the right bases, as dermatologists and cosmetology scientists say.

In order for your skin to be ready in the morning to receive care products and makeup, it needs a good cleansing. The same goes for the evening when you return home, as the skin needs to be restored and cleaned by dirt and makeup.

First: You should not stay with makeup when you are at home or when you sleep in the evening.

Second: Learn to clean your skin properly. Water or lotion alone can not remove the pollutants that pollute the pores of your skin, so a facial cleansing brush must become an integral part of your beauty routine.

Then rinse with warm water and stretch your lotion, taking care to gently wipe it with a clean towel. “If the skin is not clean, no moisturizing cream or sherum and makeup products, will apply effectively,” says Saem Mool Jung, a South Korean make-up artist and Clinique’s color consultant.

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