9 signs that you have a higher IQ than average!

Have you wondered if your IQ is higher than the average but you do not know how to measure it?

Here are 9 signs that are indicative of high intelligence, according to studies.


People with high intelligence are more prone to stress. A research found that this is due to the fact that worrying about the conditions that could threaten them transforms anxiety into a characteristic survival.

Mental health disorders
Psychologists have concluded that high IQ in childhood is associated with bipolar disorder characteristics in youth and other mood disorders.

A 2010 study found that very conservative young adults had an average of IQ95 while the liberals had IQ106.

They trust everyone
A research in the US concluded that the smartest people tend to trust others and that they were generally happier and healthier.

9 signs that you have a higher IQ than average!-secretfromus.com

Studies have found that when intelligent people have many friends their satisfaction for their lives decreases. So it seems that the smartest people need more time with … themselves.

Bill Gates has said: “I always choose a lazy person for the most difficult work. Because he will find an easy way to carry it out.” Lazy people are more likely to lose their thoughts, but cognitive abilities must not be confused with intelligence.

Go late for sleep
A research on adolescents found that the brightest minds slept later and woke up later.

Excessive humor
If you love black humor then you are likely to be extremely smart.
A recent study by the University of Vienna found that black humor is associated with higher intelligence, identifying the understanding of such a joke as “a complex information processing work”.

Intelligent people are also likely to reject the data and create new ideas.

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