9 psychological tricks for better life and relationships!

Whether it’s your professional or personal life, there are some psychological tricks that can help you manage some situations more easily, making your daily life easier.

1. Look at the eyes of the other when you get an answer that does not please you
Sometimes we do not like the answer to the question we are making and we often do not understand it. Rather than repeating the question or making another, look at the other directly in the eyes. This will make the person feel pressed or will push him to elaborate more on his thoughts.

2. Stay calm when someone raises his voice
Try to stay calm. When someone shouts, it is most likely to feel anger and we can inadvertently induce him with our behavior. The feeling of anger usually passes quickly, and the person may feel badly for this, so it is possible that this person first apologizes.

3. Sit close to the aggressive person to avoid the “attack”
If you are going to get into a business meeting, and you know that a person who has an aggressive attitude to you will be there, try to sit next to him. You may feel uncomfortable and strange, but you will not be alone. The proximity makes people feel uncomfortable and reduce the level of aggression they are going to exercise.

4. Remember the names of those around you if you want to be popular
If you want to be popular with your colleagues and the surrounding, a good habit is to start calling people with their first names. It makes them feel beautiful and you automatically appear more familiar and sympathetic.

9 psychological tricks for better life and relationships-secretfromus.com

5. Write your thoughts when you feel stress or pressure
We have all felt psychological stress or anxiety at some point. Write your thoughts in a diary and leave it aside. Believe it or not, you will focus more easily on your job, because now you have shared your thoughts with someone (your diary!).

6. Give fewer choices to yourself when you can not decide
Some people think it’s best to have more choices and information and choose to have more.  If you want to make decisions effectively, give yourself fewer choices at a time. This tactic gives you more space to think about alternatives and choose what you want best.

7. Proper posture can enhance self-confidence
This psychological trick applies to both work and personal life. It can help you in your professional development as well as in your personal life. How can you stimulate your self-confidence? The best way is changing the posture of your body. If you allow yourself to take up more space, you will begin to feel more confident.

8. Make people feel useful when they ask for their help
If you need someone’s help, ask for it by saying “I need your help …”. People like to feel useful and do not want to feel guilty. So starting the dialogue is most likely to get the help you want.

9. Warm your hands before a handshake
Did you know that cold hands are associated with a lack of confidence? When it comes to touching someone or having a handshake, make sure you have warm hands. Warm hands create a more intimate and friendly atmosphere.

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