3 Reasons why you do not achieve your goals!

Did you know that only 8% of the people who had set goals for the New Year eventually managed to achieve them?

The percentage is very small, especially if you think about how many people are talking emphatically about “new year’s resolution” scenarios. What in fact goes wrong?

The 3 main mistakes we make when we set goals:

1. We usually put unreasonable timetables. It may be that within a very short time we have planned to achieve a difficult goal. In this case, we get disappointed and leave our goal soon.

2. As soon as we set the goal, we almost see in front of us bubbles with arguments of giving our goals up that act as excuses in order not to try to achieve them. This is a very basic cause that affects many of us in not finally trying to accomplish the purpose.

3. We leave the fear and hesitation to patronize our courage and inspiration. Suddenly we lose the power of faith in our abilities, so we feel weak or unprepared for the big step.

What you can do to achieve your goals?

Method 1: Set the right timetable. Sometimes a reasonable timeline can offer more than you can imagine. A reasonable timing allows you to take successive actions without feeling pressed by oppressive deadlines.

Method 2: Set targets as achievable. We do not recommend resting with targeting within the comfort zone everyone has. We advise you to dare, but always within for something that you can reach. Otherwise, with the first failure, you will give up.

Method 3: Do not give up! The reason for existance of fear is to prevent you from what you want to do. Equip yourself with courage and above all of self-esteem. Show confidence in your skills and see how you can achieve more than you thought.

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