Slice Masks: This is the new Korean trend in facial masks!

After sheet masks (the masks that look like paper and are soaked with many nutrients that stimulate and rejuvenate the skin), a new skincare trend makes its appearance in Korea and of course at Instagram.

Slice masks are the most fun and mini versions of sheet masks and you’ll love when you first see them.

In fact these are small sheet masks in the form of small, circular discs that resemble slices of different fruits, vegetables and flowers, such as cucumber, strawberry, kiwi, tulip, rose, etc. and you can “stick” to different parts of your face.

In fact, the Korean beauty brand Kocostar launches slice masks consisting of 12 round pads, with different formula each targeting different skin needs. For example, slices of watermelon and cucumber are designed to moisturize the skin. Lemon slices help to lighten the skin, while tomatoes can detoxify and improve the skin elasticity.

Unlike classic sheet masks, slice masks can be used in addition to the face and body, while in the photos they look like Snapchat filters. As you can see, beauty bloggers have already begun to make their appearance with slice Masks on Instagram …

At present, you can find slice masks in asos, while in Asia they are sold at Sephora stores.

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