Make up tips to make your eyes look bigger! (Photos)

The big eyes make us look younger, more awake and healthier. Although we are not all born with enormous cats eyes, we have the ability with a little hint on makeup to do transformation wonders:

1. Determine the shape of your eyebrows. There is a drop of attention because the eyebrows surround the entire area of our eyes.

2. Add dimension to the eyelid. A matte, hot brown or even a soft rose will help you create a dimension and make your eyes look more intense.

3. Add glow to the inner corner of the eye. The placement of the flash here traps the light, giving the appearance of more open, waking eyes.

4. Use light, neutral colors on the lid. Dark colors create depth, open colors bring objects forward.

5. Use pencil white or in the skin color inside the lower eyelid. This creates the illusion that your eye whites extend further.

6. Put mascara on the lower eyelids. Mascara is the perfect way to strengthen the bottom of the eye without overdoing it.

7. Turn your lashes. This is one of the best ways to make your eyes to look bigger.

8. Put mascara on the upper lashes.

9. You can also add fake lashes. You do not need to have a whole range of natural fake lashes but you can put on teaspoons that look very natural.

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