3 signs that they exploit you at your job!

Do you accept a large workload without asking a lot of questions? If the answer is yes, you may get exploited at your work.

If you have learned how to do even the work of others, surely you are the most useful person among all your colleagues.

If there is a tendency for all of your colleagues to constantly load you with work that they could complete by themselves, then you should look for the 3 signs that will show you how apart from your own hard work you have been the victim of exploitation in your workplace!

They ask for your help for everything

You may like being so necessary to finish all the work of the day, but if they constantly ask for your help and get the credit for your own work, you should wonder if you work very hard, others will get promotion due to your work. If your role is not just secondary, claim your job to be is recognized and separated from that of others.

3 signs that they exploit you at your job!-secretfromus.com

They are loading you with new responsibilities

Maybe your skills are so much you can do the work of three people on your own, maybe they are loading you with new responsibilities to not hire two other employees. No matter how hard you work. Although this is a sign of exploitation, you can ask to have an official job position and return that situation in favor to your career.

Your job is different from the job for which you were hired

If you work on a job that you love and it is related to your field, then everything is great. But if you do not do what you agreed when you asked for the job then unfortunately you became an assistant for everything. While each job has various activities that need to be done to operate its main activity, you do nothing essential.

If you feel how your talents get lost with the tasks you have taken, talk to your superior. Just make sure to ask for something better in the right way and not to show how you do not appreciate your work in any way, because your manager may misunderstand you.

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