5 “innocent” habits that can make your hair greasy!

If you belong to women with oily hair, probably often you need to properly organize your program to have freshly washed hair on a daily basis.

And while you may have tried everything, read below 5 “innocent” habits you can not imagine that might be responsible for the increased oiliness of your hair.

You touch your hair all the time
Either to fix your bangs, or to straighten your hair with your fingers, to touch constantly your hair during the day transfers oil from your fingers.

You don’t use the proper conditioner 
Whether you use a brand that’s too “heavy” for your hair, or you do not rinse it properly or stretch it all over your hair and not just the hair edges.

You brush your hair very often
If you belong to those who constantly seek the smooth feeling and brush their hair every so often, they will probably have to consider it. Frequent brushing triggers the production of grease – so focus on where you feel it tangled and insisted there.

Your brush is dirty
Hairstyling products, oily hair that remains from previous brushes and dust: if you do not clean your brush often, all of this is spread on your hair every time you comb it (with the obvious result).

You use wrong products
Avoid “heavy” shampoos and sprays that promise glow and deep hydration and prefer lighter compositions that will not burden your hair.

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