Facebook: A professional tool that you can use to develop your career!

We live in the era of social media. Everything that we say or write, stay on the web and can define us as people. That is why we need to be very careful how we manage our internet image, and we must be able to take advantage of it in the best way to benefit professionally. Our professional image or page can be a powerful weapon for our career. And the most economical advertisement!

1. We create an attractive profile

When someone knows you and trusts you, he is also open to your professional qualities. If he knows you a little, it’s good to introduce yourself with … a nice way. We choose a decent photo of ours and smart pictures for cover since they also show our personality. We also give as much and clear information as possible about us.

2. We publish our post in public 

Our goal is to inform our friends and whoever we know about our professional career and our goals. There is no point to hide – the straight and courteous way is the best approach.

3. We connect with the fb messenger

It works like email, and even better. You can send photos and texts, but also refer to your conversations easily so you know exactly what has been said and come back, if necessary, without repeating yourself. If we have a long time to talk to someone, we do not start a conversation with a professional request, but with a more personal chat until we get to the point. Thanks to everyone who answers us and we try to keep our interest in a dialogue, perhaps by sending videos, photos or links about our subject.

4. We are “present”

Even if, at first, it seems like we do not have the response we expect, we must remember that it is a matter of time for our “friends” to see us. That is why we must not disappear, either posing our own things or responding to others. It’s nice not to constantly bombard others with purely professional pores but to raise quality content, defining our values ​​with discretion. It is, therefore, important that others do not feel that we only want to sell.

5. The more, the better

More than a billion people are on Facebook. This means that the stronger we are on Facebook, the more powerful we can become professionally. We spend time building relationships and showing patience and stability in the search for new people. We take part in groups that concern us and we watch the teams that can promote us at every level.

And above all this, we make sure we get out of the house and get people together. Fb alone is not enough. When they call us somewhere or events take place for which we are informed by social media, we always make sure we are there.

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