4 trick to make your clothes look more expensive!

The world of fashion may change and present us more new trends, but a basic rule in adopting any style is to add our personal touch in order to respond to our preferences and character.

One of the trends that support this is the so-called “mix & match”, which involves combining different motifs, colors and to bring a creative explosion to each appearance.

This time, however, we focus on a mix & match feature that combines clothes and accessories with the most economical and simple items in the wardrobe, without losing its elegance.

At the same time, these outfit choices do not require you to spend a whole fortune to upgrade your style.

With these 4 tricks you can combine the expensive with the most economical clothes and impress everyone!

Invest money in bags, shoes and sunglasses

4 trick to make your clothes look more expensive!-secretfromus.com

Because we have the habit to change easily our clothes, it is best to put a limit on the amount of money you spend on them, but be generous about bags, shoes and sunglasses that are timeless, fit with everything and make the statement in your look.

4 trick to make your clothes look more expensive!-secretfromus.comChoose simple lines and avoid complex patterns

This is also about the financial items that you can buy regularly. Simple lines and less complex designs can be combined more successfully with items that have the signature of a well-known brand.

Be smart and buy when there are discounts

4 trick to make your clothes look more expensive!-secretfromus.com

One of the ways to get very expensive clothes and accessories that bear the signature of your favorite brands and be able to combine them with simple pieces is to buy them at better prices when discounts are on the market and this is usually the case when they are considered ” Off-season”.

Buy “basic” pieces at the lowest price

Each wardrobe should have clothes and accessories that are considered essential to shape a style any day and time of year, even time! Pieces like these are jeans, leggings, T-shirts (mostly monochrome), hats and scarves.

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