12 destinations for curious travelers!

There are places on this planet that you may have never think to visit them. There are also some others you want to visit them again and know their other side.

Here are 12 trips for romantic travelers looking for the unknown, the strange, but also the adventurous. Maybe a combination of these at the same time.

Portofino, Italy

The tiny fishing village of just 500 people is one of the hottest spots on the Italian Riviera. Located a stone’s throw from Genoa, it is the luxurious answer to the rustic villages of Italy: the charming streets are full of expensive international boutiques, gourmet restaurants and some of the most sought-after verandas all over the Mediterranean. Portofino has been well on the agenda since the late 19th century when it became a favorite resort of northern European aristocrats and by the 1950s the village had filled up impressive villas, restaurants and cafes. Keep in mind that because the village receives a disproportionately large number of visitors in terms of size and capabilities, local authorities often limit access to it. That’s why you prefer to visit it in off-peak periods to enjoy it without overcrowding.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

In the capital of Catalonia we will gaze at the street artists air, we will spend the night in the tiny bars, enjoy local delicacies, make endless walks in the cosmopolitan Barceloneta and we will not stop capturing the atmosphere of countless sights of the city. Among them, 7 characteristic buildings of Gaudi compose a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognizing the creativity and innovation of its work, which has left its mark on the architecture and personality of the city.

Tenby, Wales

Although the walls of the seaside town have kept aspiring invaders for centuries, they can not hide their beauty today from visitors. Colorful Georgian houses hanging over the sand and winding streets travel to the Middle Ages.

Santa Lucia, Caribbean

It has been for centuries the object of the desire for the French and the English. The island itself looks like a response to the other Caribbean islands that boast about their beaches with crystal clear waters. Santa Lucia has something else: its mountainous hinterland is drowned in tropical forests that are a paradise for lovers of hiking in the volcanic mountains. The island is full of life. In Castro’s capital, car noise is mixed with the reggae that usually plays in the bass, while smells of barbecues loaded with seafood squeeze our nose. And of course we don’t forget the that rum cocktails.

Navy Pier, Chicago

The length of a kilometer-long pier on the shores of Lake Michigan is undoubtedly the best of the city’s sights and one of the most famous of the United States. It was built in 1916 by architect Daniel Burnham for commercial purposes but also as a recreation area for the locals who were transported there by the special tram line that operated. Today, it is a huge recreation area with amusement parks, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and fireworks shows every Wednesday and Saturday night in the summer, and the national anniversary of July 4 and New Year’s Eve.

Portmeirion, Wales

The turquoise tourist village in the north of Wales was built between 1925 and 1975 to remind an Italian village. It has been used as a backdrop for movies but also for the famous 60’s TV show, The Prisoner. You will find accommodations to stay, restaurants, cafe and spa.

Anchorage, USA

It is the largest city in Alaska and one of the northernmost cities in the world. Built between the mountains and the sea, the city of 300,000 people combines the comforts of a large city, while at the same time it is barely away from the wild landscapes of Alaska: glaciers, parks, bears, reindeer and of course plenty of snow. Besides, in winter the temperature rarely rises above zero while in the summer it does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius.

Gudvangen, Norway

The beautiful village is located on the edge of Nærøyfjord, in the Aurland region in the west of the country. From here, all Sightseeing Cruises begin for the Sognefjord Sightseeing while you can hike on the E16 European trail crossing the village or visit the lovely white caves of the area.

Gocek, Turkey

The seaside town of 4,500 inhabitants on the southern coast of Turkey is one of the most famous tourist spots in the region. Here you will not see crowds of British tourists because it does not have a long beach and intense night but wealthy cruisers who resort to luxury boats during the summer months in the 6 ultramodern marinas to explore the 12 green islands of the bay.

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