TrackR: The cheapest solution to find alway what you lost! (Video)

Has it ever happened to you to park in the shopping center and after shopping not remember exactly where is your car? To waste half an hour trying to find your car on the huge parking area by pressing the alarm button and trying to see your car’s flash?

Now there’s an inexpensive solution to make it not happen to you again! Without having to install expensive GPS tracking systems, or pay monthly subscription to a service.

A start-up in California found a really affordable solution. It created a small device that works with your mobile and is just what you were looking for!

What is this device?

It’s called TrackR Bravo, it’s a tracking device with small size and it will revolutionize how we spot everything that’s valuable to us.

TrackR: The cheapest solution to find alway what you lost! (Video)

How does it work?

Simple! You install the TrackR application on your mobile and connect the application to the device. Then you apply the device to whatever you don’t want to lose and that’s it. You pass it on to your keys, your bag, your suitcase, your bicycle, you put it in your wallet or whatever you do not want to miss. With TrackR, you can find that you’ve lost within seconds!

You can place your TrackR Bravo under the car’s mat or inside the trunk and if it is stolen you can find out where it is.

You can also put it on your pet’s strap so that you always know where is your favourite pet!

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