Las Vegas: What to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations!

We hear about Las Vegas, we see it in the cinema and we know that visitors could get in big trouble with casinos, alcohol and the color of money to star in each place. What else, though, you can do in Las Vegas other than to lose (or gain) a fortune?

From the original Ocean’s Eleven of 1960s and Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley until Hangover, the most populous city in the state of Nevada has appeared in numerous films, always showing a flash, which although false, excites tourists from all parts of the earth.

Certainly the first thing that someone does reaching there is to go through the famous casinos like 50 years Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio, trying to become rich. There are, indeed, libraries game books on how to beat someone like Gamblers General Store. When, however, understand that this is not done, then the Las Vegas holds several surprises. See some of them.

Visit all the sights of the world

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- Las Vegas you can see the world without visiting all the countries; it is famous for its hotels, which pay tribute to the most famous sights in the world. You want something from Paris and the Eiffel Tower? Try the hotel Paris Las Vegas. Venice? You will find gondolas and Piazza San Marco in Venetian. New York? In New York New York you will find the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Central Park, while at Bellagio the Lake Como of Italy. This is the magic of Las Vegas.

Try spirits and wines in the best bars

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- the Las Vegas Strip, except for casinos and world sights you will find numerous bars, where among many bad, you will find several good. The Downtown Cocktail Room is famous for its cocktails while those who love wine should be directed at Aureole, where the bottles are kept in a four-storey tower.

For great views with a drink, the best option is Level 107 Lounge on the 107th floor of the hotel and casino Stratosphere, with special cocktails, liqueurs, beers and wines and a few streets down from the Strip, the Peppermill Fireside Lounge little further away from the center and bustle is also famous for wine tasting evenings. At Mermaid Bar & Lounge will have a drink perhaps more eccentric than ever, with mermaids dancing in a bowl and a water atmosphere prevails everywhere.

Visit special museums

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- if you are not from the tourists who are excited about museums, in Las Vegas are some that will surely excite you. The Atomic Testing Museum, for example pulls back the curtain in the history of Nevada as a guinea pig to nuclear weapons, and there is a Mafia Museum, where one can find the details of the involvement of the Mafia in the rise of the ‘sinful’ city. If you want to make a visual ride in the history of Vegas, the Neon Museum awaits you on the north side of the Strip and the Pinball Hall of Fame will go to admire -and play- with more than 150 pinball.

Admire the city shows

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- Las Vegas, the entertainment is the main concern of all visitors and part of this is certainly attending a show, from the many that play in the city. With 8 Cirque du Soleil show and many other options, from musicals to show fountains, certainly will not stay disappointed. The most impressive attraction at Bellagio are the fountains that are dancing, with more than 1,200 jets, who … explode every half hour-and every 15 minutes from 8 to midnight. And after enjoying the show, get ready for an even bigger, from Cirque du Soleil, which includes more than 70 swimmers, clowns, acrobats and divers, who make several impressive performances in a pool-scene that includes 1.5 million gallons water. If you only see one show while you are in Las Vegas, be sure to be that one.

Get married …

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- Vegas is famous not only for the casinos but also for the marriages, which are thematic. If you are in … marriage verge with your partner, there you get married like Frank Sinatra with Mia Farrow in the Little White Wedding Chapel or several most kitsch style Elvis in Viva Las Vegas Chapel. The choices, of course, do not stop there, since there are alternatives for romantic ceremonies, adventurous weddings and many options for same-se.x couples.

Take a break from the lights

Las Vegas: what to see and do in the glamorous city of temptations- eventually Las Vegas looks too fake for your tastes, you can move the northwest of the city, in Rancho Drive, to see a different side. Take the bus to the habitat and Theme Park Las Vegas Springs Preserve, where you will find botanical gardens, nature trails and interesting exhibits. It will take you a while to get used to the natural color of green, after the light party in the city center, but you really enjoy it. And if you want to go further, you can head to the Charleston mountain, with excellent hiking trails in summer and the options for skiing in winter, the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort.

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