Don’t you want to diet but want to lose weight? Just listen to us!

You couldn’t resist to various temptations and you have consumed recently few more calories. There is no reason to do a diet and basically you should not.

You can change some habits in your everyday life and see your body find its shape again.

1. Do not eat as much as you watch TV and you will save enough calories within one day. If you still want something, prefer a carrot or cucumber. Somehow you will consume about 300 calories a day.

2. Walk even 10-15 minutes on a daily basis. Go to throw the rubbish or walk during your break at work the job. Also, you can take a few minutes walk by the sea and stop your sunbathing for a while! Walking on the sand unbelievably exudes the buttocks!

3. Put your meals on smaller dishes to limit the amount you will eat. Just do not overdo it!

4. Reduce sugar from your coffee! Neither we are fans of the a coffee sugar free but also the coffee with less amount of sugar is also delicious.

5. At your evening outings, limit yourself to a glass of alcohol and preferably to a glass of white wine. Ok, this time is for cocktails but you need to consume them in moderation. One glass a week we think it’s enough!

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