16 signs if you are having a boy or a girl!

Until the first months of pregnancy the child’s gender remains unknown …

Most parents are very curious to know the gender of their baby, which they can see through ultrasounds. However, there are also some traditional ways that our grandmothers know very well to identify the baby’s gender.

These are 18 paradoxical ways to testify whether you will have a boy or a girl, as it is mentioned at littlethings.com.

1. Changes in the skin

If a woman awaits a girl her skin becomes greasy, while if she waits a boy her skin becomes drier.

2. Acne
If you wait for a baby girl the skin becomes greasy, and if you wait baby boy there is no change in acne.

3. The “shine”

Only if you wait baby boy you will have on your face this special “shine.”

4. Black line

It is said that the black line that women have under their belly may be a sign of the baby’s gender. If the line stops underneath the nape, then wait for a girl, and if it continues above the nape, wait for a boy.

5. Test with baking soda

It is said that the cook soda test is 80% reliable. All you have to do is mix soda with your urine. If it comes out bubbles is a boy, and if nothing is done, then it’s a girl.

6. Hair texture

If your hair becomes greasy and dull, wait for a baby girl. If they become thick and shiny, wait for a baby boy.

7.Hairy body

If your body hair grows, then wait for a boy, and if no change happens then wait for a girl.

8. Weighting

If you take all the weight on your belly, then you probably expect a boy, and if the weight is spread all over the body, wait for a girl.

9. Foot temperature

If you notice that your feet are colder, then you probably expect a boy, and if there is no change, expect a girl.

10. Swelling of the feet

If your feet do not swell, then you probably expect a girl. On the contrary, it is said that if you wait for a boy your feet will swell and you will need bigger size for your shoes.

11. Craving

It is said that if you want more sweet, wait girl, and if you want more salty, then wait for a boy.

12. High / Low belly

It is said that if your belly is low, then wait for a boy, while if it is high, wait for a girl.

13. Dad’s weight gain

It is said that if dad does not get weight, then wait for a boy, and if he gets weight, wait for a girl.

14. Headache

It is said that strong headaches are an indication that you are expecting a boy while having no headaches indicates that it will be a girl.

15. Sleep attitude

It is said that if you sleep on your left side, wait for a boy, while if you sleep on the right wait girl.

16. Breast size

If the right chest is larger than left, then wait for a boy, and if the left is larger than the right, then wait for a girl.

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