5 signs that your relationship will last long!

When you are in love, you certainly do not think that your relationship may come to end, and you do well. However there are some signs that show not only that you will not split but also how your relationship has all the criteria to become a long term relationship.

Many kisses
Research has shown that couples who kiss regularly and without a “program” have a better relationship and remain in love for a longer period of time.

Good financial position
We would say that if you have the basic salary you are fine. Scientists, however, claim that if you get a good salary you do not need anything more to feel happy. Indeed, they claim that if you both earn a considerable amount of money, you have all the backgrounds to stay happy, have everything you want and not nagging.

Partner who makes favors
If your partner wants you to be happy and does always your favors then you are so lucky! You will stay together for long time.

According to a University of Georgia survey, expressing gratitude in a relationship is very important for the quality of the relationship to remain high. Do not think that words are simply “meant”. Express even the slightest words.

Together with other couples
According to another survey, couples who share their experiences through relationship with other couples are much more loved as they share their problems and feel less alone in what they are going through.

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