South Beach diet: The miraculous diet that burns fat fastest!

The South Beach diet is considered as a miraculous diet that can help you with the weight loss even before your first visit at the beach.

This is one of the top choices for Hollywood diet, inspired by the professor of medicine, Dr. Arthur Agatton and can help you adopt a healthy diet by changing your habits.

Its philosophy is based on the logic of reducing the intake of sugars in the body (especially processed carbohydrates), which serves to burn and lose fat and therefore to lose weight.

This diet emphasizes protein (chicken, turkey, lean beef) so the body starts to produce less insulin while also emphasizing the consumption of good fat like olive oil because it increases the levels of “good” cholesterol.
Its effectiveness is based on the fact that its rules are not as strict, but rather flexible as it does not impose many restrictions, which makes it easy to apply.

It is divided into three phases (three meals a day and two or three snacks in between), to which more and more carbohydrates are added.

First phase – To eliminate the desire to eat carbohydrates

At this stage, someone needs to consume a limited amount of good carbohydrates, lean meat and healthy fat as well as low-fat dairy products and many vegetable fibers (vegetables) for fifteen days.

Second phase -To achieve the desired weight

Here it is allowed to consume vegetables, unprocessed cereals and fruits. The smooth and gradual recovery of carbohydrates and sugars is aimed at gaining the ideal body weight.

Third phase – To keep the desired wight

To achieve this, and to be able to follow this diet for a lifetime, it should constantly focus on “good” fats and “good” carbohydrates, as well as vegetables, especially those with a low glycemic index.

Do not forget, the best thing to do before making big changes to your diet is to visit your dietician!

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