Fitness experts: The foods that are an ideal choice after a hard workout!

You’ve just finished your exercise in the gym and started starving but you are wondering what to eat after training. What is the right food for your body to help it benefit as much as possible from exercise?

We found what our favorite fitness influencers and coaches eat after training and we discovered the seven foods they enjoy after exercise. We found not only this but also the reason these foods are good for your body.

The best sources of energy after workout


Let’s start from the most important. We all want a sweet after a hard workout is a very good idea. Nutritionist Dr Mike Roussell says if you plan to get out of food, keep to do it after training. The ideal “abuse” is black chocolate. In addition, it is believed that black chocolate contributes to the best sports performance, so you can eat a couple of pieces between two dynamic sets.

Cheese cottage

The cottage may not seem so appealing to you, but it is an ideal choice if you want something delicious with few calories. If you do not have an egg that will give you a lot of protein, your next choice is this cheese that contains a lot of protein and it will fill you. “Protein intake helps maintain your muscle mass and cottage is an ideal choice if you’re on a fat loss diet,” the dietitian Jill Corleone says.

Sweet potato

Why is this wonderful food an ideal choice after a hard workout? The answer is simple: When you exercise, your blood sugar levels fall. Sweet potato helps them return to normal, “it offers antioxidants and is a very good choice of carbohydrates,” the dietitian Stephanie Greunke says.


Frozen peas is an excellent idea for a fast food if you do not have fresh vegetables at home, but it also contains high levels of vitamin C and protein, compared to other vegetables, meaning it will fill you for longer.


Salmon is another excellent food, full of protein that will keep you well for a long time. It does not just offer you this: Salmon also contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation after exercise.


Okay, it may not be secret, but have you not given the eggs the right role? Egg is a snack with a lot of protein and rich in antioxidants as well as many other vitamins that enhance your body’s functions such as Vitamin A, B12, B2 and B5.


Although broccoli is an excellent choice, cauliflower helps to burn fat.

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