The new exercise pills that will replace the gym and workout!

Marathon runners, cyclists, long distance swimmers, and generally any athlete who needs strength, know that they need years of training to do it. But scientists in the United States, after successful experiments on mice, are optimistic that it is a matter of time to create “exercise pills” which, in a much shorter time and with less sweat, will have the same beneficial effects as actual aerobic exercise.

Such a pill, according to scientists, could be used not only by athletes, but also by people with limited mobility, such as the elderly, obese and people with disabilities, who have difficulty in exercising.

The researchers, led by the molecular and developmental biologist Ronald Evans, of the Salk Institute of California, who published a related article in the journal Cell Metabolism, gave to mice a chemical (GW1516) for two months, which allowed the experimental animals to have resistance to run on a “treadmill” for 270 minutes.
On the other hand, animals that did not get the same substance were able to run for only 160 minutes (70% less) before getting exhausted. Also, the animals that had taken the substance had other benefits, such as lower weight and better blood sugar levels.

This particular substance affects hundreds of genes involved in energy metabolism and burns within the body. Generally, genes that burn the fat and the genes that burn the sugar (glucose) are triggered.

Researchers consider it is important to reduce the “burn” (breakdown) of glucose, because when blood sugar levels fall (hypoglycemia), the brain is negatively affected and body fatigue occurs. But when sugar is saved and its level is slowing down, as is the case with the new substance, the resistance increases.

The new exercise pills that will replace the gym and workout!

“If someone reprogramz the appropriate genes, can get a high level of resistance without having to spend a lot of energy,” Evans said.

At present, however, it is not certain that this substance will “work” equally well with people, and other scientists have already expressed their skepticism. But if this is proven through future clinical tests, then it’s possible a pill containing the substance GW1516 to have the same benefits of exercise.

This particular substance first appeared in the 1990s with the aim of treating metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. It was later forgotten, as some studies found that they may be carcinogens at high doses.

However, some scientists have continued to studies on this, and a few years ago a black market for the GW1516 appeared to be used by some athletes at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and eventually banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency as unsafe.

Now, with the new study, the substance came back as possible ingredient in an “exercise pill” (at a low dosage). But many scientists doubt whether it will be approved by the competent supervisory authorities. However, some pharmaceutical companies have already shown interest in starting related clinical tests in humans.

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