Do this every 2 weeks and your face skin will be always clean!

It is almost impossible to clean your face skin thoroughly with classic cleaning methods and simple soap washing.

That’s why there is a method that can help you with your face skin care that few know and has unique results. This is no other than steam in the face, an ancient method, which is almost completely forgotten.

To open the pores, put your face under a towel for a few minutes and over the hot water you have previously put in a large basin. But be careful, as if the water is too hot, it can cause you burns.

Do this every 2 weeks and your face skin will be always clean!

Then wash your face with a soft soap. The result is much better than when you just wash your face skin because the pores are much better cleaned in this way.

The advantages of this method are many: it opens the pores, removes dead cells, helps against acne and problem skin and improves blood circulation near the epidermis.

What to do in detail at least every two weeks:

• First, clean your make-up in the usual way

• Pour boiling water into a large bowl and hold your face over it

• Pour a large towel over your head

• Stay there for a few minutes

• If you want, you can add a little tea and / or chamomile to the water to “enrich” the steam with more good substances for the skin

• Then rinse thoroughly with clean, cold water and apply a moisturizer.

WARNING: If you suffer from skin conditions that cause redness, if your skin is prone to redness or you have sensitive capillaries, avoid this method.

Also, if at any stage of this procedure you experience any nuisance (dizziness, malaise, etc.), stop it immediately.

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