These are the reasons why you never get what you want from life!

We believe that people do not get what they want from their lives and potentially suffer for three main reasons (except from health issues and natural disasters):

1. They do not know how to make money
2. They do not know how to love
3. They do not know how to believe in themselves

These are, in our opinion, the three most important “life skills” that unfortunately we do not learn in schools.

As far as money is concerned, society teaches us that “money corrupts people” and that “the rich are cruel and immoral”, so embracing such perceptions, consciously or unconsciously, we avoid the profit and the production of wealth in order not to become bad people. Or money is coming to us but we are losing them, wasting them and not claiming them.

In fact, these are restrictive beliefs, since money as “energy” has no quality in itself (it is like electricity, it is neither “good” nor “bad”). People use it based on their character. Money isn’t altering the character and what it does is just to “show” the character of someone – it brings it to the surface, a person is revealed when there is no fear of poverty …

These are the reasons why you never get what you want from life!-secretfromus.comBut how is money generated? The only healthy way to generate money is to offer work with value. When doing a job by giving something that is worth, it contributes to improving things, people’s lives, then value is produced. This is done in three ways:

(a) acquiring knowledge
(b) methodical work
(c) personal improvement

-to offer more, we have to be constantly better, to learn and to have personal development, skills developments and values.

If we do not take these lessons, then we can adopt the current logic of social culture in which money is not produced, but it comes from somewhere (a virgin birth). Daddy, employers, good acquaintances, partner, “friends”, luck etc. Result: bad mentality! We are not trying to learn, to work, to improve on a personal level, but to take them in different ways, as if people owe us. And then we are angry that they gave us a few!

Do you imagine a society where people will seek money in a healthy way, use it for the sake of good, and produce it through real labor, product or service contribution with value? (Looks like utopian?).

Another important thing we do not learn in schools is how to love and share. One student is better than the other because gets better points or performs better in a sport. Individual achievement is rewarded and justified as “rivalry” among people.

There is no rivalry, dear friends. There is “I am better, and you are worse” and “I manage it, while you can not”. This style of competitiveness is presented to us as a normal pattern of association with other people, and when we grow older we do it without understanding it.

These are the reasons why you never get what you want from life!

At work we try to be smart to the employer, to talk to the client and try to prove that he is wrong and we “right”, we make personal relationships and in our quarrels we try to be those who are “right”. What else could we do after we have been “programmed” to believe that we are living in a world of winners and losers? Where one has to win and others to lose?

On the other hand, do you imagine a world where all people would first think of the interest of the other and then their own? (does it sound utopian?)

And thirdly, not less important, we are not taught how to respect and appreciate ourselves. Our parents are screaming because we make mistakes, they are sparing in praise, the teachers also reprimand us because we spontaneously worked and we spoke in the class, our friends judge us on the basis of the clothes we wear and the brand of mobile we have.

If we do not do well in the lessons, we are “less important,” if we do not have statal bodies, we are not enough for relationship; if we do not go to university, we are “bad” students and fail. So, as soon as we grow up and take a position of “power” in the work or in life – what do we do? We begin and judge all others for their mistakes (with the excuse to improve them), so we cover our own reduced self-esteem, underpinning the self-esteem of others.

However, low self-confidence leads to a sense of constantly missing something, we feel that “we are not good enough”, we blame everything, we are always unsatisfied, scared do not judge us, insecure and irritable, as if we are living a permanent state of war. How do we maximize our potential, be productive and creative, make the choices of companions we truly want, and experience inner peace and tranquility if we feel that way?

We will always act on the criterion “do not do this or the other”, ie defensively and marginally equal to avoid being wrong, do not reject us, but never give our true self and capitalizing on our strengths and talents.

Do you imagine a society where people will give their maximum productivity, to what each one is destined to stand out for and will be his true self? (does it look utopian?)

As long as we do not change, the difficulties and problems at both the personal and the collective level will increase. Narcissism in society will still be in the form of epidemics, and exploitation, injustice, poverty, anger, anxiety, difficulties in human relations will continue exist.

These are the reasons why you never get what you want from life!-secretfromus.comThe solution is to look inward, to gain greater self-awareness, to find our stereotypes of thinking and reacting to situations that are not beneficial and to decide to work with ourselves, to change, to improve for ourselves and for society – and this is achieved through continuous personal development!

“Work harder with yourself than with your job. By working on your work you will make a living, working with yourself you will earn a fortune. ” Jim Rohn

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