A video shows how negative thoughts affect your health. 6 ways to get rid of them!

The problem is not that we have negative thoughts, but that we believe that our negative thoughts are true.

Part of your personal development is to get out of your life the negative thoughts that block you psychologically, stop your progress, reduce your good mood and restrict your calmness, your pure thoughts, motivations and your behaviour and actions.

Russ Harris, the author of “The Happiness Trap”, points out that the 80% of our thoughts has a slightly negative content.

Negative thoughts – if we look at it in terms of the human evolution, they play an important role for our survival: as human beings, we are made to detect potential environmental problems and try to solve them. When we objectively identify a potentially negative or problematic situation and try to prepare to deal with it or to find possible solutions, it is not a negative thought, but a realistic thought and a preparation for coping with this situation. The problem is not that we have negative thoughts, but that we believe that our negative thoughts are true.

However, people often start to make negative thoughts that are not based on data, events, the natural evolution of situations, but they reflect extreme types of thinking: they are people who see everyting to be black, exaggerating the negatives and minimizing the positive ones. They also make only negative predictions for the future …

But this attitude of life does not facilitate or open up development paths. It does exactly the opposite: make us to be stuck to our negative thoughts, feel bad, immobilize and not progress.

When we make negative thoughts, it is important to ask ourselves:

Is this a true thought?
Is this thought important?
Does this thought help me?

Some tricks to clear your mind from the negative thoughts and think positive are these:

  • Give an explanatory sign to your thoughts

Instead of saying, “I will never find a partner”, it is better to say “I think I will not find a partner” or instead of saying “I’m a fool and I did not see it coming” say “I think I’m a fool because I did not see it coming” . The difference is small but important: in reality what you say to yourself is that you are not your thoughts say.

  • Say thanks to your mind

Thank your mind for your thought. If you make thoughts that cause you anxiety, thinking for example that you cann’t make it as it is very difficult, thank your mind, saying” thanks my mind for trying to protect me, but you do not have to scare me. I know what I am doing, I’ve been prepared, everything is under control. ” This gives your mind the chance to take a break from negative thoughts without fighting them.

  • Let your thoughts live away, like balloons do

For this exercise you need to put your imagination to work. Imagine that you write down all your negative thoughts on a balloon, keep it from its string and then let it go free, lost in the sky.

  • Say your negative thoughts in a singing way

Choose a well-known or joyful song and use as lyrics your negative thoughts on this. They will sound so ridiculous that they will not bother you anymore.

  • Say your negative thoughts with a funny voice

Try to say your negative thoughts with funny voice, like a cartoon.

  • Give a title to your negative story

Often negative thoughts take the form of a repeated history. When you find that this is the case, tell yourself “I’m telling you again the story of ‘How do I stay alone in my life,’ or ‘How can I fail in whatever job I have,’ etc. Then, by this way the story loses its power.

All of the above diffusion techniques are derived from a well-documented psychotherapeutic approach called “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)” and can help us to remove our negative thoughts.

Watch this video and you will start considering about your negative thoughts:

Video: Youtube.com-channel CGP Grey

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