10 castles in Europe that you should visit!

The truth is that the architects of the Middle Ages were probably geniuses, having built castles that combined luxury and practicality. Many of these are still having withstand wars and abandonment, and some look like they came from an old fairy tale with knights and princesses.

We start our walk at ten favorites, hoping to come across knights and princesses on our way.

Reichsburg Cochem, Germany

10 castles in Europe that you should visit!-secretfromus.com

It is a 1000 years old castle, originally built as the residence of the German King Conrad III in Cochem, Germany. In 1689 it was burned by French, and while it could be lost to history, it passed into the hands of a German businessman in 1868 and restored.

Mont Saint-Michel, France

10 castles in Europe that you should visit!-secretfromus.com

The impregnable fortress of Mont Saint-Michel is surrounded by sea and is one of the most famous attractions in the country, after Paris. It was built in 709 and it never lost its luster.
Hochosterwitz, Austria

10 castles in Europe that you should visit!-secretfromus.com

The castle was built in the 9th century and since then has become a beautiful attraction in the country. The height reaches 160 meters and when the weather is good, someone can see it even from 30 km away.

Hohenzollern, Germany

10 castles in Europe that you should visit!-secretfromus.com

This castle is located on the top of mountain Hohenzollern, at 855 meters altitude. In was a residence of kings of Prussia and is located southwest of the country in the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg state.

Castillo de San Servando, Spain
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Castillo de San Servando, in the Spanish province of Toledo was built in the 15th century by a local nobleman. For about 100 years housed soldiers and was the property of the artillery, and was originally a monastery. Today it is used as a youth hostel.

Methoni Castle, Greece

Located in the Peloponnese and the town Methoni has become one of the most important fortification buildings in the Greek area during the Middle Ages where Methoni was a stopover on the journey made by the Christians in the Holy Land. It is built on the peninsula of St. Nicholas, has oval shape, length 700 meters and is surrounded on three sides by the sea and there is also the small fortress Broutzi which is joined to the castle with a artificial stone bridge.

Château de Chillon, Switzerland

The medieval castle at the eastern end of Lake Geneva is one of the most popular in Switzerland and Europe. With its rich history and its unusual appearance has given inspiration to many famous writers occasionally. In the 16th century it was used as a prison and is described by Lord Byron in his poem “Prisoner of Sigion”.

Castle Eilean Donan, Scotland

Located on a rocky island in Loch Duich, in one of the most romantic areas of Scotland. It is open to the public, and many films have the advantage, as the «Highlander» Movie (1986), «The World is not Enough» with James Bond (1999) and others. In the early 20th century, the castle was restored and has since been joined to the mainland by a bridge.

Bodiam Castle, England

Since it was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a former knight of Edward III, the Castle has seen many different owners, with almost everyone to love war. In 1917 it was bought by Lord Curzon and all that was left was rubble. Fortunately, quickly disproved today … and shows like a new.

Bran Castle, Romania

This castle is the pearl of Transylvania and today is a national monument in Romania. Located near the village of Bran, Brasov County, central Romania and often referred to as the “Castle of Dracula”. The castle now serves as a museum.

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