Those who are in relationship are healthier and richer compared to singles!

A series of studies continually show that marriage and long term relationships promote physical and mental health, and … our wallets as well.

Are you single and you feel fine? Science has a doubt on this. Apart from the standard procedure with the wedding and the honeymoon, several studies have revealed a number of benefits that marriage brings to life and, more generally, long-term relationships – provided, of course, that are healthy and satisfactory . A typical example is a study published last week in which a stable, happy relationship increases the chances of survival in patients with cancer.

Let’s see, then, the scientifically proven benefits of marriage and, more generally, a long-term relationship to our body and psychology:

1) Better health

A number of studies associate marriage with a lower risk of disease – diabetes and cardiovascular diseases to respiratory problems. Also couples tend to smoke less, drink less alcohol and eat more healthily. Still, a stable, long-term relationship helps us offering our support to stressful life events. All this, of course, only apply in cases where the relationship is calm and without major conflicts. Otherwise, the chances for illnesses to appear and the recovery to not be easy are significantly increasing.

2) Longevity

If we are in a happy marriage or relationship, it helps us live longer. Specifically, couples have 10-15% fewer chances for premature death as compared to the entire population. This is because, firstly, we have a companion to look after our health. For example, if we are sick we will take care or our partner who noticed on our body a sign that wants attention, will tell us. Also, when one partner stop smoking, often the other stops as well. However, it also depends on the quality of the relationship. The same research shows that people who have frequent conflicts with their partner, are twice as likely to premature death.

3) Greater economic comfort

Those who marry and keep their marriage, have, on average, twice as much property as compared to those who never marry. And even 4 times more fortune, if the two incomes added together. Meanwhile, the cost of the house they share, such as and drive, which further reduces the financial obligations of each separately. However, the same research shows that if one married and then divorced, will find his/herself in a worse financial position than it would have been if he/she had never married.

4) Less loneliness

The benefits of a happy marriage or a long term relationship, however, relate to our spiritual health: Couples suffer less from depression and, in parallel, are less prone to drugs and alcohol. This is because they have someone to speak to when they have to face a serious problem. If someone is single, however, this can be achieved through strong friendships.

5) More happiness

Recent research showed that indeed a marriage or a long term relationship makes someone happier in both short term and long term period. This is even more evident in middle age, when most people feel overly pressured by family obligations, professional stress and wondering exactly where their life goes. So this difficult period passes easily for them.

6) Better s.ex life

If you think the singles make more sex than married, statistics prove the opposite. In fact, married and committed long has double s.ex in relation to singles- although, of course, that, indeed, the frequency decreases as the years of common life go by. Survey of 2010 showed that 61% of Americans singles had not s.ex in the last year, while the rate among married reached only 18%. And if the quality is difficult to  be measured, 66% of married are satisfied with their s.ex lives, 82% of those on long-term relationship the same and only 45% for singles.

7) … but there is also greater risk for obesity

Here the situation is reversed and it is the only issue in which singles are more beneficiaries. This is because the singles are more likely to be thin and fit. Specifically, the married are 25% more likely to be overweight or obese, and working out less.

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