Fleshy and sensual lips are not only an erotic fantasy for men. It is one of the greatest desires of women who attempt to try everything to get them.

Nobody could resist the lips that are so sensual and sexy, like those of Angelina Jolie, and it has become one of the greatest desires of women who don’t have them and attempt to try everything in order to have the same lips.

They try surgeries, collagen injections and hyaluronic acid. All these methods promise to add volume, but besides being costly, the result may not be the desired one.

For this reason we recommend a comprehensive guide for s.exy, big lips with a natural way. Thus, a guide just based on skincare and makeup secrets by the makeup artist Hillary Kline is presented.

Moisturize your lips with lip balm

As a first step, Kline advises to moisturize your lips by applying a little amount of lip balm, especially in winter. Allow the product to be absorbed. You may have to wait five to ten minutes. Prefer a balm mint, which helps to enhance the blood flow.

The easy way to make your lips look bigger!-secretfromus.com

Fight dryness

The lips look smaller when they are dry and chapped. An easy way to improve their image are the scrubs, ie exfoliation, which removes dead cells. Use an old toothbrush and make circular movements parallel to increase blood circulation.

Create a solid base for lipstick

Before putting on your lipstick, you must have created the appropriate and consistent basis. Foundation cream can help you with this. You can put this on your lips and spread it across.

Highlight the curve of your lips

Referring to a so-called «cupid bow» or in other words the curve which forms the upper lip. Kline suggests putting a little amount of highlighter makeup on the center of the curve in order to become more highlighted.

Use darker shade

A proven and effective way to show your lips automatically bigger, is to use darker color for both the outline and the inside area of your lips before using the lipstick. The expert says that you should choose a shade that is one or two tones darker than the natural color of your lips. This will make the effect more realistic and natural.

Makeup outside lip lines

Yet another trick trusted by professionals is the formation of a line with the lip pencil just above the natural line. This needs some practice for not having an excessive or ugly result. However, it would be better to choose a color that is like that of your lipstick.

Lips contouring

If you believe that the technique of contouring is effecting only for cheekbones then you are wrong. Playing with the shadows on the lips is possible to give them volume. Use bronzer or dark neutral powder.

The easy way to make your lips look bigger!-secretfromus.com

Avoid dark lipsticks

Dark colors do not add volume to lips. Instead, as noted by Kline, dark colors make your lips look less impressive image and it is difficult to implement. Advise to buy natural shades, nude or those approaching pale pink. Also, you can apply a lighter tone in the center of the lips for more ombré effect.

Say “yes” to the glosses 

It’s time to use again lipglosses that you may have used when being teenager.  They give a natural brightness to the lips, making them automatically bigger and juicy. Put a little amount at the center of your lips for a best result.

Play with color mix

Apply a color across the surface of the lips. Then continue with a lighter tone in the center. You can even use a white pencil lips. Make “blending”, with the help of your fingers and give your lips a new dimension!

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