5 Beauty Secrets for not your Neck showing your Age!


The neck can reveal your age or be the ally of your youthful appearance.

One of the mistakes for women regarding their skincare is the consideration that skincare is limited to the face and stops at the jaw line.

However, the face is not the only body part that you can prevent the signs of aging.

Take a look at few centimeters below your neck.

Did you know that it can reveal your true age faster?

This is because the firmness depends almost solely on the way the muscles are spread in the area.

Also, the sensitivity of the skin in this region may exhibit dryness and discoloration.

Show your neck the respect that you should, by making small changes in daily care habits you follow and keep it immaculate, without wrinkles or loosening, but very young!

Moisturize the skin daily

Moisturizing the area will prevent or reduce the appearance of fine lines. You can spread a little amount of your moisturizing cream or to invest in a special formula, only for the neck. This point needs products that are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and substances that act against wrinkles, while being enhanced with filters that protect against UV rays.

Protect your neck from the sun

Sun rays are responsible for premature aging marks on the skin. More specifically, lead to loss of elasticity, creates spots and wrinkles. Make sure that you wear daily facial sunscreen, which must have a minimum index SPF 30. Do not forget that this is a habit that should be followed throughout the year.

Cleanse it before go to sleep

To cleanse the neck of makeup, dirt and dust from the environment is as important as that of your face even though requires a little more of your time. Use emulsion or lotion you and in this area to reduce the risk of premature aging.

Make exfoliation

Apart from hydrating and cleansing, the neck region also needs exfoliation. Because in this way you will rid of dead cells and help your skin to renew, to look more glamorous, youthful and smooth.

Tone the area with exercises

Your neck still needs some fitness exercises that will work beneficial to the skin in the area. Bend your chin forward and then stretch the neck upwards. This exercise is great for toning muscles. Repeat ten times per day.

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