How to organize your day to become productive

Do you try to do all your tasks and you do not understand how some people make it and you can’t? You may not properly organize your time based on your own personal biological rhythms.

Experts have created schedules depending on whether you are a night owl or a morning person to help you to utilize your time correctly increasing your productivity.

New University Syracuse University research is revealing.

If you are a morning person ….
Have you noticed that even though you wake at dawn you have incredible energy? Do you think  that you you work best in the morning and you lose your energy in the afternoon? The following program is for you!

According to the findings if you are a morning person is good to wake up at 6 in the morning to do gymnastics, to check the e-mails and to start to work before 8.30. Then it is good to make a list of what tasks should be done that are demanding and to be completed by 10 am, when you have full of energy.

Around 10 am in the morning is good to drink a coffee that will give you energy in order to be able to continue working. Book your appointments and make sure that you have comleted your job early in the afternoon. Afternoons include meetings, snacks and exercise while it is good around 5 pm to return at home. After 6 pm is ​​a good time for brainstorming.

It’s better a morning person to have dinner until 6.30 pm and it is good to go to bed until 9.30 pm early fall asleep so not having insomnia.

If you follow the above program and belong to morning types, you will be able to increase your productivity in the day. If you belong to the category of “night owl” and find yourself nocturnal type, the program that suits you is the following.

If you are a “night owl”
Unlike those who like to wake up at dawn, you find out that you can’t work in the morning, even though you drink  many cups of coffee. In this case – if the job allows it – let yourself sleep one more hour and get up around 7 am,  starting your day 1 hour later.

Create a list of what you need to do. Make the easiest tasks in the morning and schedule the most demanding tasks for the afternoon, when you’re full of energy.

And in the case of dinner, it can go a bit later to 8:30 pm and bedtime can get an extension until 11.30 pm.

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