The spring coat with 60 EUR from Zara has made fashionistas crazy- It is sold out, everyone wears it!

The most stylish overcoat was Zara last year and it had not only sold out, but we could see it everywhere … in social media, on the street, in magazines.

The patterned coat with frills was so popular on Instagram, as it has its own fan page, so the retail chain has decided to include it again in the new collection, and those who didn’t buy it last year …they will have the chance to get it this year.

Printed coat with frills Zara 59,95 EUR (find it here in red color and in blue here)

The patterned coat in red and blue starred during the last year and 8.000 Instragramers followed the specific page and dozens of girls were photographed wearing it.
Indeed, the love of British women for his coat was so great that started to take pictures unknown women on the street wearing who wore the same overcoat.

Furthermore the jacket with the geometric prints has its own hashtag (#thatcoat), so that everyone could find it online.
Emily Bay and Alicia France were the first girls noticed that more and more women are buying this coat in Britain.

“Not surprising that the coat is once again in the spotlight. It really was a statement outfit, both for its cutting and for the fabric”
Among other things, the color of spring and the formal line makes it ideal for the office, but also for a more formal look and you will not find it hard to combine it with your spring wardrobe.
Know, then, that if you buy or see a girl on the street wearing it … do not be surprised!

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