What kind of man: He wrote a whole book about their love!

Although the majority of men do nothing more than the necessary for their beloved during the anniversary, the full in love Joe Manganiello did something to his wife, Sofia Vergara, that she would never imagine!

What kind of man-He wrote a whole book about their love-secretfromus.comIn an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine the actor revealed that at their first anniversary with Vergara he decided to write a book and its content was about on how they flirted and all that did together during these 12 months.

“Sofia and I put always our common good in priority. I wrote a book as a gift for our first anniversary. I wrote how we met and how we were flirting and it was about 40 pages, “Joe Manganiello revealed and we would wish to have this book and know more spicy details.

How they met each other is well known. In 2014 Joe knew that Sofia is single, she found a her cell number from a mutual friend and traveled to New Orleans to get an appointment with her! But what happened next is not known….

What kind of man-He wrote a whole book about their love-secretfromus.com

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