What should we pay attention to our dressing for a job interview?

We feel comfortable with what we wear. This has a direct impact on how we stand, how we sit and how we talk.

We live in the era of the image, the limited time, with high competition and unemployment. This means that there are few job opportunities and high demand. The many applications make things even more competitive. Hundreds of applications from qualified people with many skills, affect the choice option in the details.

People tend to believe that they can have some first indication of the personality of the other by the way they dress and their style, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is done on a subconscious level, essentially either understand it or not, and only with our presence messages pass. Not infrequently several times, to see us very differently from how we see ourselves. Especially the day of the interview we should do everything possible to pass the right message, that “we are their person.”

There are many areas in which we must take into account in the job interview. The number one over time is a well-structured CV.

After this, some additional are important:

-The way and the style that will speak.

-How well we can highlight what is written in the information for us.

-This is expressed even by body language and our presence, our tone of voice and posture.

-The energy, consistency in our meeting and appearance.

In this article we will not expand on these issues, but will specifically talk only in terms of appearance.

What would we wear that day influences to a large extent the way we present ourselves.

Here are some basic tips for each interview:

-We must be clean and well groomed. In every age, every gender, every work. This means bright, neatly cut hair and not extremes.

-It is not necessary, but if we can do a natural makeup that matches the time of the interview and in our age it would be good.

-Emphasize your good points

-Interviews are ususally made during the day, in the case of women, bright makeup makes you look dynamic but consider not to be excessive in interview situations for work. They must be thrilled by your skills for the position. Even in areas related to the aesthetics, ie a cosmetics store, extremes are not indicated as well. Avoid lots of jewelry, intense aromas and high-heeled shoes.

-Generally, the clothes should be completely clean, simple, crisp, not be damaged in any way and to apply correctly to each body type concerned.

-Then we have to think the position we apply for. This means this: we think how the people are dressed to such positions. For example, hotel manager in a suit, barman with youthful clothes, baby sitter with casual wear, etc.

-The Dress should fit the body lines and in our age. For example a pair of jeans in a classic line, a shirt and a medium pump, are considered safe for most cases. As in the case of a babysitter, seller in shop, supermarket or an office location.

-For the posision with “prestige” the ideal would be a suit.

-This is true for women and men.

You should avoid

-Colorful clothes, or with many patterns, high shoes (especially if you do not select them in general) too heavy jewelery and perfumes would stay there at the interview office hours after our arrival.

-The eye receives more harmonically simple sets, the color that creates peace and security is the gray, so use it.

-Do not wearing sunglasses at the time of interview ever. It is only permitted if the interview is outdoors and in the case everyone wears sunglasses.

-If it is a job in the office a good idea is to wear a suit jacket. For some reason people tend to respect more those who wear this clothe.

-The length of the skirt must stop somewhere above the knee and the neckline is classic type neckline.

-To know some things about the company we apply for is very useful.

-Some companies have their own rules for dressing. Not allow eg the piercing, polished nails, jewelry etc. Does not necessarily mean that it cut points when we go with polished nails (yes, if they want to hire us they will tell us not to polish them again, they do not ashamed to say it, as with the others).

-You must feel comfortable with what you wear. This has a direct impact on how you stand, how you sit and how you talk.

-The comfort creates confidence and ultimately opportunities. Aim is to do everything we can in order to have as one possible more dynamic day. We are interested to give the best possible impression as a whole. To be our best self during the interview.

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