Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations

The idea of ​​colorless combinations are ideal for those who want to save space.

If the dark and bright colors are not your style, neutral colors are able to smooth the smaller spaces and make your home beautiful. Where you should focus your attention are the small nuances on the same basis as the simultaneous rotation of textures and patterns.

The decoration, therefore, using the same colors in different shades is ideal for a certain aesthetic effect, ideal for small spaces and suitable if you want to experiment with light and fabrics.

Soft colors, play with texture if your space is small and not naturally lit as you would like, garnish with main color white and combine with very light shades of ecru. If there is space near the balcony door or window, the natural light will be reflected in the rest of the house through white shades. To be more interesting just play with the textures of fabrics and materials. Avoid cold room lighting and prefer warm colors for lamps with a variety of floor lamps and candles to warm and soften the visual space.

Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations-
Decorate with main color white and combine with very light shades of ecru.

Learn what the Ideal color to paint your bathroom!

Earth tones with different pattern Rely on a simple beige which is what most earth as required by the trends for this season and combine patterns on the same color palette. Geometric, oriental, floral. Do not worry so much the patten as long to be in the shades of the other items in the room. The mix of styles is still in fashion and will give a special character to your space. Do not put patterns combined with monochrome because then you will very strongly emphasize their individuality.

Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations-
Rely on a simple beige and combine patterns on the same color palette.

Visit fabric stores or stores that invest in furniture and seek remnants of fabrics. Join the strips or pieces together and build a case for your pillow creating your own pattern.

Buy color fabric and make your own designs on monochrome pillow using a sponge and templates with designs you like. You will find stencils in shops with handicrafts.

Decorate your Space with Neutral Color Combinations-

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